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Do you get higher when you smoke slower?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I think I do. I spread my smoking across 30 minutes as opposed to like 5 or 10.
  2. I can't make a fat bowl in the double perc filled with the dank and sprinkled with hash+kief last me 30 minutes.

    How do you spread your smoking across? 1 hit won't get me high. I'd spread the smoking across between bowls... unless it's a pipe or blunt. That could be spread out longer.
  3. I usually smoke two bowls, wait like 30 minutes to an hour and do it again. It all depends on the smoking device really.
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    If I'm chilling I'll take 30 minutes
  5. Usually when I'm chillin myself I take a hit then let the effects build, then take another hit around 10 minutes later maybe. I don't really smoke a lot when I'm by myself, just enough to feel satisfied. For example my grandma gave me a maybe .2 or .3 joint and I lit it, took two puffs then it went out. I set it down and felt fine for maybe 15 minutes until I finally lit it again. I do have a high tolerance, but I still enjoy weed in small doses, I'm not that person who just has to smoke an 8th in every session, but I will under the right circumstances.
  6. i could make an 8th last 2-3 weeks smoking dro everyday if i want to.

    ill put enough for 2 or 3 hits in my bowl each time

    not only do i conserve but i also get more first taist's which i like the most when i smoke good dro

    but when i am mad i will hit hard, quick and fast and i notcie that i get higher, stronger and quicker when i smoke that way


    taking my timee and taking it slow like i am slowly builds and it isnt as quick

    but all the gettin high either way
  7. I think it's pretty easy to spread over 30 minutes if you are watching a TV show or something...
  8. It depends for me - I usually smoke a bowlfull in 1-2 hits at about 10 seconds...which, now I've realised how much weed that actually is, is stupid...

    When I have a spliff I just usually smoke it all in 4-5 minutes - by the time I'm on my 2nd or 3rd cig afterwards I'm pretty stoned and watching the end of it burn...maybe I should try smoking slower, like say a 3rd or half a spliff then put it out and smoke cigs and go back to it once the effect has kicked in?
  9. ill usually smoke halfbowls. on the bigger side of snappers. conserves weed, and you get a fresh full hit every time. ill smoke a snapper then wait 10 min or so for the light effects to sit it, then smoke another snap. repeat as necessary. usually ill smoke about a half gram, maybe a touch more, in 3 bowls over an hour or so, and im pretty content. not super blazed, but nice and enjoyable
  10. What is a snapper?
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  11. i smoke as long as i physically can, usually when i wake up at like 10 i start with some bong bowls, i pack snaps. i do about 4-8 snaps with a few minute interval, that way one gram lasts me until noon. then i usually just chill for abit and start smoking again around 3, i just bust up a gram or two in my grinder and use my one hitter/bat. i can smoke for about another 4 hours with that. then more bong rips at night,
  12. Its where you put just enough weed in your bowl to clear it in one hit. This is good because you get a fresh, green hit every time:smoke:
  13. Nah dude, smoking it straight up to the dome as fast as you can is the right logic.

  14. in that case i love snappers
  15. Wait. So to get higher you inhale for 30 minutes rather than just hit it and exhale?
    You have a true pair of iron lungs man

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