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Do you get high from rick simpson oil?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by blackcrow234, Apr 7, 2016.

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  2. A lot depends on strain and processing (decarb vs non-decarb).

    GrassCity is fortunate to have this thread Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it on its forums.

    On page 242 there is recipe/technique for Dragon Oil, a more bioavailable form of RSO.

    PsychedelicSam has done a lot of research and testing regarding decarb. I am confident he can help you target the right strain and dosage with the best decarb for your needs.

    Since I changed my decarb to the 240F for 40 minutes that is now suggested I no longer get anxious from too much sativa dominant strains.
  3. You will get high from RSO. It has already been decarbed if it was made properly. The different strains and THC/CBD ratios will affect it somewhat, but therapeutic doses are a lot higher than recreational use. You will get used to it, but you may get paranoid or feel too high a few times while building a tolerance. Just remember that people don't die from marijuana overdoses. Hopefully it will help with your conditions and the tradeoff is worth it.
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  4. The affect you get from the oil and the edibles is nothing like the buzz you get from smoking a joint. Where smoking a joint messes with your head, assuming it's good weed, edibles and the oil give you more of a body relaxation type feeling. It's great for using right before bed. A tiny dot on a toothpick under the tongue will relax the body and allow you to lay down and sleep like a rock. But if you're looking for a good buzz, just roll one. LOL TWW
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  5. I tried Black Diamond ACO (RSO) for the first time last night, and I was pleasantly surprised.
    I don’t use marijuana/THC everyday, so my tolerance is not like others.
    My RSO came in a 2g syringe. I put a drop (the size of an eye drop) on a spoon with some peanut butter and jelly... the taste was pretty good, considering it had a strong cannabis taste.
    My anxiety kicked up immediately (as usual when trying new things) - but once it kicked in about an hour later, I was quite relaxed. Fast forward a few hours later and I just kept getting higher and higher. I went to bed about 3-4 hours later with my high starting to peak. I slept like a baby - and woke up still a little stoned... it’s been about 11 hours now and I’m relaxed, and the effects are wearing off but I feel good.

    Very neat. It was a much better high than my experience with edibles.

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