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Do You Get High Anymore?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Black_Chamber, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. after smoking for so long, do you really get high at this point or do you just feel a buzz?
    I don't really get high anymore. weed used to take me on journeys as a teen, not so much anymore.
    people will just say take a T-break, but I take months off with my T-breaks and I still don't gte nearly as high as I used too

  2. I haven't been smoking for that long but I go everyday for over a year, still get high
  3. of course
  4. Been a daily smoker for years now, still get high. And I smoke about 20 joints per day.
  5. I had a 6 day t-break and sharing one joint would have me high for an hour, now a whole joint will get me high for 10 minutes, time for a break i think!
  6. My highs were getting really shitty so i decided to take a T-break! Ends on 9th July! Not even that bad though and i've been smoking everyday for three years. 
  7. I still get really high, but it's not the same. If I don't smoke for a day I'll get really stoned.
  8. Really?  I don't know if its me, but even after a 24 hour T-break I get baked.. Probably cuz I'm always high.  
    Switch your routine up man, if your hitting flowers out a spoon try a bubbler/bong/vape.  Experiment with dabs, be careful though they fuck your tolerance up. 
  9. Smoking everyday for like 3 years. I notice that every year weed gives me the same, but different, high. 

    For the first year of smoking I always felt so damn excited to smoke. My buddies and I would pack one little bowl, and the excitement was unbearable. Getting high was fucking amazing and I would laugh for hours. I'd be red eyed and dumb as fuck for 4 or more hours every time I did it. 

    The second year I still laughed a lot. I was still stupid, just not nearly as dumb as the first year. I wasn't such a noob at smoking and I still was excited to smoke everyday but not as much as the first year. Towards the end of the second year of smoking I was getting very used to being high and learning about weed.

    By this third year I have graduated high school, I know better then to have my whole day revolve around weed. I'm not nearly as excited to smoke as I used to,it's just such a normal thing now but I still love it. I know the ins and outs of ganjika, except how to grow it. 

    Through these three years, I've always gotten high, and I'm high right now.  :bongin:
  10. Getting high used to be awesome, now I just get paranoid, antsy, and lose confidence in myself.
    Really sucks.
  11. For real bho gets me fucking high.
  12. Best way I can explain my experience with tolerance is like a simple pleasure such as fucking a beautiful woman or eating some good food. No matters how great those experiences are, if you have that experience everyday or very often your perception of it changes. It will go from being new and exciting to still awesome (at least for people who really like it) but some of the allure can disappear for some people.
    I'm not one of those people and still get stoned but you're not going to "feel like you're in a dream" after you've been smoking for a long time like you might when you first try it. You just adapt and learn to handle it so the experience is a familiar one.
  13. You have to change up your method of smoking. Also helps to have different strains of smoke, even some mids. Think of it like this, if you do the same thing day in and day out it becomes mundane. Same applies with smoking.
    When I smoke a lot on the weekends my first session come monday afternoon takes more weed to achieve a decent buzz.
    I usually only smoke in the afternoons on weekdays. Pretty much stay stoned on weekends.
  14. I smoke an 8th a month for medical reasons and yeah even after 18years of smoking I still get high always have done
  15. dude... me too
  16. I've been using Cannabis, in one form or another, for 55 years and still get ripped.
  17. Have you tried experiencing different type strains? For example skunk #1 strain a sativa dominant strain gives me a good buzz while a white widow strain indica and sativa hybrid strain sends me in a journey everytime :)

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  18. I do get stoned still yes. Only problem is it doesnt feel as much as I used to. My tolerance is through the roof tho so its only to be expected realy.
  19. Try drinking a beer or two and then toke up. See if that works for you.

  20. Definitely different than it used to be when I was in middle/high school. I used to take a couple hits and be high for several hours blitzed out of my mind, now it takes a few bowls or a couple joints to myself to get that high, but I manage.

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