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Do you get busted for transporting weed if your passenger gets busted with grass?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ilovesnooooooow, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. If you get pulled over and the cop finds pot in the car but the passenger takes accountability for it can you get fucked too?
  2. I know for a fact that if you are pulled over and a passenger has a large amount that is obviously for distribution you can and likely will be charged with felony maintaining a vehicle...
  3. Not large amounts... Say if the passenger has like an eighth or maybe a half O at most.

  4. Outside of the distributing thing....if the other person claims its theirs, then only they get charged.

    And i cant stress this enough for weed smokers. If a cop puts the lights on and signals you to pull over when your anywhere near a school.....dont. Make up any excuse you have to but dont stop in the school zone. EVERY charge relating to drugs is more severe in a school zone. In my state that 1500ft from any kind of school.

    The best excuse ive come up with since my state has a mandatory seatbelt law is my seatbelt, which i wear anyway but the cop doesnt know that. When they ask what you were hiding or why your moving around tell them that you werent wearing you seatbelt and you didnt want to get in trouble. Works for me. I think of it like a magic trick. If i know i have something illegal on THIS SIDE then i do everything i can to focus there attention on THAT SIDE. Ive only done this 2 times but both times i got a warning. And both times i got pulled over was for the same stupid fuckin thing. Not coming to an absolute complete stop at a flashing red light. bullshit
  5. Yes you can. Anything illegal in your car, no matter where or who it is on, is the responsibility of the driver. Learned that one in Drivers Ed. I guess it is good for something after all. Hahah
  6. yes you can but that does not mean you will.... but it helps if your passenger says that you did not know that he had it.

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