Do you get bigger buds and plants with less Nitrogen?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Prankster, Jan 19, 2023.

  1. Most plante control their growth bij a c:n ratio. If there is lots of N in the soil, the plant will compensate its co2 absorbtion too correct the c:n ratio. That means that it uses its energy to grow lots of leafs.
    When there is little N in the soil, the roots will grow to search for more N to compensate for the CO2 that is absorbed by the leafs.

    So during Veg you focus on growing big and strong roots that can drink and eat lots of water and nutrients during flowering.

    So is it useful to keep the co2 high in the air and N low in the soil during veg.

    High concentrations of N during flowering also causes loose and airy buds apparently
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  2. there have been a bunch of scholarly studies showing high concentrations of many different nutrients negatively affect the physical and chemical structure of the cannabis plant..not just nitrogen.
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  3. If we were talking about say an indeterminate tomato plant; a plant that grows both vine/leaves and fruits at the same time, there is plenty of scientific proof out there that just a little bit to much nitrogen will cause lots of leaves and poor tomato production. But weed is different. It has a vegetative stage and a flowering stage. Sure, way way way to much N will likely have an adverse affect on flower production. But a little bit to much shouldnt be an issue.
  4. Sort of along the same lines, I was reading a study that showed how removal of fan leaves didn't negatively impact overall bud growth leading the researcher to theorize that there's enough plant energy in the buds to sustain it thru flower maturity
  5. Do you get bigger buds and plants with less Nitrogen? from a guy named 'Prankster' what can 'we' expect?
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