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Do you forget hella shit ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. i do. one day ill have to stop smokin cause i got it real bad, i could be sittin there havin a conversation with someone then 30 seconds later totally forget what we were even talkin bout , and its not like i forget then it comes to me i forget and its gone for good. I go through shit like that atleast 3-4 times a day. Today my boss asked me to write a report on something and i walked back to my desk and completly forget what i was writing the report on, i had to go back and look like a moron and the funny thing is he even said 'damn you need to lay off that weed' , if only he really knew.

    Anyone else have this problem ????
  2. lol yeah i guess it does come with the territory. bugs the hella outta me when im at work though cause im allways forgettin important shit and lookin like a dumbass. Like last week when i was out front smokin a cig while there was a company meeting i forgot about :) , not like i missed going to a meeting though so hey i guess it works out for the best sometimes.
  3. hell yeah i hate that makes me look like a fuckin burnout haha..cuz i do it like every 2 mins il ju8st be talking nd then pause and be like "uhmmmmmmmm uhmmmmmmm shit i forgot"
  4. happens to me all the sucks.
  5. Oh yes! Is'nt it fun to be relating an event that is just so cool, and your cruising along to your point quite nicely, and all of a sudden, the complete and total mental shutdown. Blank. And you stop talking. Because you've forgot what you were talking about. And oh! The looks that the people you were just relating the event to give you. Kinda like.....Yeeeeeeessssss? You were saying?

    In this situation, do not ever respond with "What?".
    It will only make the blank space larger, and the looks weirder. In certain situations this can lead to a case of the giggles which will only increase the looks more.

    Instead, say, " And then guess what happened?"

    They'll look for a moment, but then they'll say "What?"

    And then you say, "I SAID GUESS, DAMMNIT!"

    And hope something is said to trigger your memory.
  6. lol I went to carls Jr. and I was ordering for like 3 ppl, and I couldnt remember what this dumb sandwich was calle, a big ranch classic bacon muther fucker, and I couldnt remember I wa slaughin so har dI was fucked up lol, so I finally get it and she says they dont have anymore... fuck, so we get 5 cheese burgers.

    then we got up there and we're all stoned, and we lost the 5$, so she just gave it to us...

    rofl, it was funny
  7. i dont like living in a two-story house. why....? because im constantly walkin' my ass up stairs to get something, but get up there and totally forget what it is i wanted to get, then walk back down only to remember what it was~!
  8. Yeah, I seem to have a reputation for having a bad memory.. Most of the times, we can just joke about it, but sometimes it gets irritating. :D
  9. I do that shit all the time, I will be thinking, and I will forget what I was thinkin about!
  10. My biggest problem is that I go off on a tangent and then I can't get back to my original point. Then I just have to say, "I'm sorry, what was I talking about?" Then it is always really funny when my friends can't remember either. :)
  11. alwayz... especially in work. it's cool though 'cause everyone there knows i burn. :D
  12. All the time. I never let it bother me.
  13. i have a naturally shit memory so when i am smoking it makes no differance, thats cool but when i stop i dont get my fucking memory back, THATS pissing off.
  14. i usually forget what i'm sayin while i'm in the middle of a conversation. like "yeah, and i went down to the store and got.... hwat was i talking about" - "you went to the store" - "uhhhh... i have no idea what your talking about." it sucks so bad.
  15. yeah and i get where i'm thinking some idea and i panic that i'll lose it, so i have to write loads of things down.i have loads of notebooks of the stuff; some shit, some q. profound.
  16. i cant remember where i put my Q-tips!
  17. i used to have a really bad short term memory, so now i dont know if its the same, and I just always blame it on weed instead of just being me, or if its actually gotten worse??
  18. lol
    sometimes im thinking about ONE subject in my head for like 5 minutes..then Ill just STOP thinking, and ill try to start again, and have no idea what it was I was thinking about in the first place
    all that knowledge gained in 5 minutes, gone for good!
    but hey..most stuff I dont want to remember, lol
  19. it usually depends how shot i am...... as of right now......its 10:22 am my head is pounding......i still kinda feel fucked up from last night....... and i have 8 hr's worth of school on mondays....... so hopefully i'll be forgetting lots today.......just to ease me through the day.......

    but yeah, usually i forget stuff all the time, it gets annoying but you just have to do a re-cap an it'll come back ta you..... the worst is when you have a really really good idea that your gonna say an you forget it, i hate that...
  20. Or the worst... Is when you've done something wrong... IE. Got high and came home and you're in trouble with your parents, Cops pull you over, etc... And you have this REALLY great story made up to tell the person to get you out of some shit, and you completely forget it! Then you get in some deep shit... Hehe.. I've done that at least 10 times.

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