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Do you follow any kind of diet?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Greys0n, Feb 21, 2017.

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    If you are currently dieting...

    What motivated you to start?
    Has your current diet choice had any impact on your weight?
    Has your current diet choice had any impact on your blood glucose levels?

    If you choose not to follow a diet... feel free to share your reasons why!

  2. I follow IIFYM which is more of a lifestyle than diet. I do count calories and macronutrients daily though. When I really need to cut down fast I do a PSMF which is hard and is for sure a diet but it can't be sustained long. No idea about the blood glucose thing tbh
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  3. I
    The 4 whites is a no no ,, bread potatoes rice pasta,
    No sodas or juices fried foods .
    No candies ,

    Tea or water
    No sugars in green veggies .....
    Chicken and turkey breast , I liked smoke salmon or smoked fish smoked turkey or chicken .

    I like big salads with smoked meats , no salad dressing .
    I will squeeze in fresh lime or lemon juice on a salad .
    You should know what foods are super foods
    11 Superfoods You Should Know About
  4. I try to avoid sugars. Especially additives.

    Other than that veggies, fruits, fish and meats in moderation. Buy local at farmer's market whenever possible.

    I try to avoid any "food" that has a list of "ingredients" or nutritional label.
    A tomato should be just that, a tomato.

    Additionally the meals somewhat depend on my activity level. I will not consume much carbs if I'm not planning any heavy training.

    The goal is to keep my body healthy, or at least try not to get in the way.
  5. I like growing as many veggies as I can
  6. More whole foods and plant-foods, less processed foods/drinks has changed my life in many positive ways.
  7. my biggest life change was getting away from painted foods ( artificial food coloring)... and artificial ingredients... organic food seemed great until I learned that most of it is just as bad ( same water supply to water organic food etc..) as regular non organic foods... better to stick with " natural " foods and learn the science of food combining... prepare to go to the bathroom a lot if you eat lots of raw foods...
  8. All depends on the soil for organic food, if the soil is supplied with the correct stuff they are much healthier and full of vitamins and minerals and when the soil is correct it filters out and neutralizes chlorine and other nasty stuff from the water. Its mother nature, she's quite intelligent if you grow as close to how she grows in the wild.
  9. yeah I follow a high calorie diet, as I'm always in the gym, but because I smoke ive had to cut my smoking back to 9 pm only and onwards, if not ill get the munchies ALL DAY lol, I eat 3600 calories a day and save around 500 to munch out on at night!
  10. My GF lost 20 pounds in two months by using Xyngular. Very rigorous. It changed her life. She eats better now.
  11. Low carb high protein. It's working well for me so far.
  12. Work out a diet based on your own metabolism, weight, age, activity level, body sonotype- ectomorph, endo, meso

    There's no one fits all for diets as we are all different. I am following some Ayurvedic diet guidelines based on your temperament(dosha) & it's working really well
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  13. I follow a ketogenic diet. I originally started it to lose a little weight before swimsuit season, but I've been hooked ever since I became keto adapted and have seen so many cognitive and health benefits. Ketogenic diets are excellent for those trying to control blood glucose levels, and has actually been shown to reverse diabetes.

    A ketogenic diet is one where you try to get your body into ketosis, a state in which you body is converting stored fat and ingested fats and protein into ketones instead of glucose and glycogen. This is not only more efficient, but your brain actually prefers running on energy from ketones. It stresses high fat (eaten to satiety), moderate protein, and very low carb (25 net carbs or less). My skin and hair look better than ever, I have complete control of my appetite now, no sugar cravings (since I don't eat any anymore).I do this in conjunction with CICO (calories in/calories out).

    Basically, it goes against everything we have been told about health. Low fat diets are not healthy, your body needs adequate fats for many of its processes, and fats serve as precursors for important metabolic constituents like hormones for example. Fats not only provide more energy per gram, their digestion releases CCK in the body which helps elongate satiety. Some people will never come around, the belief that eating high fat causes heart disease and high cholesterol is wrong. Excess carbs is what causes many of these ailments. The entire lipid hypothesis is based on flawed scientific conclusions.

    I learned everything from r/keto and also my bio/nutrition/chem courses.
  14. I have a bad heart (closed valve) and was warned that a bad diet can or will lead to a shorter life span and likely die from a heart related death.

    I didn't care though, life is short anyways and didn't have much to look forward to as a working slave.

    Lately I have been cutting down on meats, especially processed meats.
    I eat a ton of fish and much more vegetables, in hopes of lowering my blood pressure.
    Eventually I will man up and get the heart surgery.

    I'm 5-10 and average 140 to 150 lbs no matter what and how much i eat, very difficult to reach 160 lbs and dropped to 135 when I did a 5 day fast.
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    I have tried pretty much every diet or lifestyle over the last 10 years and what i have found is the body seems to adapt well to everything, eventually you wont notice but there are some key factors that made me feel better than others on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally ect..

    These are:
    Skipping breakfast or any solid foods before noon. (sometimes light fruits like watermelon or a light food)
    Keeping liquids only or liquid food in the morning hours has always had a better result and vibrant feel compared to others. This is a detox-phase where you must flush the load from the previous night which is why you feel better.

    Drinking plenty of spring or distilled water during the day. Keeping solid/cooked or heavier meals for the afternoon/evening.

    1 - 2 meals a day has shown the best benefits and improvements for me than any other methods. The more often you eat, the more the body uses tons of energy thus no time for repairing and restoring optimally.

    Caloric Restriction: This is a big one. Most people eat way too much calories which causes the system a lot of harm and if you are used to a high calorie diet you will not notice until you cut down since the body adapts and becomes comfortable in its usual state and cannot notice any downsides until it takes a new path.

    Instead you can focus more on "Nutritionally Dense" foods which can give you all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals ect.. you need with only half the calories. You will still build muscle and feel great.

    Some Extras i have found to feel optimal
    80% alkaline, 20% acidic foods - Perfect Balance
    More Whole Foods = Real calories + Nutrient rich (Cut out processed, junk, fast foods, whites = empty calories)
    More fruit and vegetables
    Hemp Seeds - Possibly the most complete nutrient dense food known.
    Also has perfect Omega 3-6 ratio.
    Vitamin D (Get Sunlight daily and supplement on the days you don't) - This is huge for health.
    Vitamin K2, Probiotics, Magnesium, Iodine some supplements to look into.
  16. I don't follow any kind of diet. Just regulate the amount the food that you eat and try to adopt an active lifestyle. Though it would be a good idea to steer clear of food with a lot of sugar in them.
  17. I eat and drink what I want. My philosophy is, calories in and more calories out. I work out minimum four times per week, and when I work out (lift, cardio, bike) I go hard. I eat well, too (organic, healthy foods and only fast food when I'm pretty drunk). It's really not that hard to stay in decent shape.
  18. I don't eat meat/dairy/honey or consume any animal products. Been on it for a whole year, but was an on/off vegetarian for about 6 years now.

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  19. Funny, that's almost all I eat :love-m3j:

    I follow a lot of Ray Peat principles.
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  20. I just want to keep a better shape. I usually eat fruits and vegetables.

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