Do you Foliar?

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  1. If you do foliar feed what's your choice when and why?

    I'm asking because I need to really brush up on foliar feeding especially considering how important it is right now I have very little experience and all I have ever basically used is a little bit of Cal mag a couple times and I definitely like Grow more's optic foliar overgrow. Because you can add it anytime of the day straight out of the bottle $20 no pH needed as in direct sun or light.

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  2. I think I use to use sugar daddy as a foliage spray and just purified water. I would do it during the day as I didn't have an option to do it at night. I did it every two days to help with growth and to also prevent blockage in the "pores" on the leaves. My plants seemed to love it and I'm going to start doing it again very soon on this new grow I just started

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  3. I never foliar feed. I believe it creates problems and is not necessary.
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  4. I never disrespect other growers and act like they dont know anything but this is definitely another one of those issues that is so hottly debated like defoliation (both are right) this particular topic of the foliar feeding I'm pretty sure is a good thing if using correct instructions.

    Like grow more's Optic Foliar i use and I can use it anytime of the day no pH needed or anything just seems to be an all-around good healthy spray to give them once a week or so.
    I dont think foliar feeding is as some other things most horticulture people say it's great and recommended as long as directions are followed.

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  5. I've read that you should do this very early morning just before the sun is out and or just after the sun goes down. The reason is the leaves will close there pours during the day making it less affecting.
  6. I love foliar feeding with a foliar nute solution once a day then a purified water spray to remove excess minerals the next. Then repeat. My plants love it! [​IMG]

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