"Do you fly? Do you dream you fly?"

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by Zelvis Presley, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. That was from the play "The Rimers of Eldritch" that we did when I was a junior.

    Do you have dreams of flying? Not in an airplane or anything, but like supernatural flight, you flying around like superman or whatever.

    I've noticed that my dreams about flying have occurred all throughout my life. Not all the time, but randomly through the years. Like when I was maybe 4, I remember dreaming about the tiles of the kitchen floor in our house. When I stepped on one, it lifted up off the floor and whisked me to the entrance to the dining room where there was carpet. Then when I was 7 or 8, I remember having nightmares where some monsters were chasing me and just before they grabbed me, I pushed off the ground and flew up in the air just out of their reach.

    The last one I remember having was a few days after graduation. I dreamed that I stepped off a really high cliff, spread my arms out wide and flew. It was sooooooo fucking cool!

    So, I want to know, do you fly? Do you dream you fly?
  2. never flown in a dream. only had a couple of really weird dreams and none of them involved flying. I just wish I could remember more dreams because I'm lucky to remember 1 or 2 a year. The last dream I had was the beginning of my first lucid dream, but as soon as I realized I could do whatever the fuck I wanted (with the girls whose room I was in) I woke up. Dammit.
  3. not that i can remember

    but last night i got stabbed ,man that was lame
    walking around looking for a phone so i could call ¨911¨

    lol and this night a pornstar was humping my legg while terrorist where storming the house
    i always had crazy dreams but damn this is just nuts
  4. last night I finally dreamed again and I nearly got laid...again, but I woke up...again. Dammit. I really need to get laid in real life or in a dream before I explode.
  5. I have dreamed that I have been killed like 5 times before, pretty scary because I have actually died and watched myself fall down. I usually dream about me smoking or hanging out with someone, and when I wake up, I think it actually happened. Kinda funny because I will go up to my friends and be like "we got hella stoned yesterday, that was cool" and he'll be like "what?". this usually happens when I smoke then like fall asleep slightly buzzed
  6. I've had dreams where I'm being chased by terrorists or something in a car and eventually I pull over and try to hold them back in a house. It doesn't usually work very well, but I always come out of top due to some random pistol I have on me and the occasional grenade. Eventually I "win" and the cops are outside waiting to "rescue" me.
  7. Yeah I flew once in a dream, it was sweet. The coolest thing about it was that I chose to fly, lucid-style... in another lucid dream I had in recent months I walked on water. I don't desire to be Christ or anything, it just happened, but it was equally cool as flying. Lucid dreams rule... so does that movie Waking Life. it talks about that type of shit. like any kind of sex you want and anything is possible, like 360 degree vision, man!
  8. i have had one dream from when i was pretty young that i remember vividly. it was the trippiest thing i have ever experenced. i was dreaming that i was on a hike of some kind on a high mountain. then i lost my footing and fell and fell fell and i realized that i wasnt really falling i was flying and my body felt like it was weeightless. i cant really remember what happened after that but all i knoe was that i under my own power defied the forces of gravity.

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