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Do You Fish While Medicating?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by happyfriend, May 30, 2013.

  1. Hello fellow enthusiast, was setting back thinking about what I love more than cannabis and its fishing. Do any of you guys get stoned and wet a hook? Just curious, if so what do you fish for, where, and any cool stories to tell about a fishing "trip" you have ever been on?
    I personally don't have any "cool" stories to tell. I just go and become one with nature while waiting on that monster to bite. I saltwater and freshwater fish. My favorite is catfishing. I would just love to hear some stories. 


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  2. Question is do I ever not medicate while going fishing. Lol
    Love just taking a nice hike in nature with my rod, cooler and a pack of zig zags. Fresh water mainly. though theres a spot when the fish are running the stripers come pretty far up the river. Those are a nice fight

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  3. Yup bring the ukulele too
  4. I go kayak fishing on the pacific ocean. I smoke joints out there. I go trout fishing in the Sierras. I smoke joints there too.
  5. When I was an about 14-15 me and a friend was cat fishing on the Ohio River and of course we were both very new to smoking and i caught a Garr now it was the first time i had seen this fish before and it was a decent size and gave one hell of a fight but when i first pulled it up on the bank all i seen was all of its teeth i had no clue what to even do with it
  6. Am i so high i see cursive?...
  7. Fishing while stoned is the best!
    I grew up fishing and live in florida. As of right now, I primarily fish out of a kayak. Big game too- tarpon, sharks, sailfish. As well as inshore, redfish, trout, snook, flounder, you name it! 
  8. I <3 going fishing while blazed. Honestly i couldn't imagine anything any better, pure heavenly bliss! 
    I fly fish mostly, wading waters balls deep, enjoying the scenery. I walk for MILES up and down stream to find that "perfect" spot to get high. Once i find a cool spot thats peaceful and quiet, i fire it up, tie up my fly, and go to town. I mostly fish for trout, and in the winter time, i head up to Lake Erie for steelhead season. Absolutely Wonderful!
    I do riverfish once and awhile, and take my children to local ponds, where i normally get my ass spanked by my kids on the big fish to little fish. I catch all the panfish, while my kids are yanking out trout, bass, drums, and anything else except bluegills lol
  9. I would probably never smoke while fishing, im usually impatient with fishing and getting high seems to slow down time for me so im going to feel like its an eternity between nibbles

    also with the paranoia i might think i get nibbles when i dont
  10. This made me want to blaze and go fishing today....
  11. Hellz yea im loving these strories guys keep em coming. Im about to go clean out the vessel. 
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    Definitely going to roll a 3mix blunt and go fishing here in hr or so!! Which one should I mix; sour d, sfv, Hindu kush, blue dream, skunk#1 and diva?

  13. I think i went fishing once when I was like 5 lol
  14. man, ive always wanted to get into flyfishing. Ive got a few buddies down in the keys that make a living off it- check this video out man!!!
  15. I do a decent bit of local fishing but as of now I need to renew my liscense and get some new gear. The only thing I don't like about fishing here is there are no lakes, just streams. Plenty of rainbow trout and brown trout around, but there are also ass hole companies who dump in the streams so the biggest fish are usualy in the most poluted water. I learned the hard way after getting mega food poisining from them. There are clean area's though and a big supply of rainbow trout are released each year. There is also the rare and elusive brooke trout; sadly it is endangered and if you catch one then you basically have time for a snapshot then relesase.
  16. My favorite time to toke man. Headed out catfishing tonight with my vape. Gonna be a good night:p

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  17. sweet goodluck. They were biting great last weekend. Im going to head out first thing in the morning for a all day and night fish. Going to try a new stretch of the cape fear and see what happens. Il post pics after.
  18. Sounds like a plan haha. I might just fish all weekend! ^_^

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  19. Me fucking around close to water while stoned probably isn't a good idea.  :smoking:
  20. haha

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