Do you feel the need to always go out?

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    There are some people that feel they can't stay home all day. Are you one of those people or are you ok with doing nothing and just staying home all day like say on your day off or the weekend?Edit: I'm perfectly fine with being at home all day. Obviously not all the time but it doesn't bother me like some others I've talked too.
  2. Depends on how high I wanna get :ey:
  3. Maybe a couple of times a day a week. Or twice a week. but i gotta do something. Im an outdoor person. This summer <3
  4. I need human interaction, but honestly there are days when I don't want to do anything but be lazy as fuck. But hanging out with friends is a must. And fishing, I love to fish. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. gotta be outdoors. life's too short to waste away inside man! Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. No.  I can lay on my couch for days.  I haven't smoked in months btw.
  7. I wish i could just stay home and chill.
  8. dont really care where i am as long as i got some grass :smoke:
  9. Yeah I don't like being at home. Fuck that noise.

    Much rather be with the homies chillin'
  10. well if im home and sober and super unproductive I tend to go out and be productive or do something active.even just getting a pack a cigarettes. yeah, I guess im one of those people, sometimes.
  11. [quote name="mr_makavelii" post="19432452" timestamp="1391050477"]gotta be outdoors. life's too short to waste away inside man! Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum[/quote]No I totally agree, but if it so happens that I just stayed home all day I'm ok with it but others would be like I did absolutely nothing today I should have done something.
  12. I would definetly want to go out and do something with a group of friends, but since time has changed i do nothing all the time lol

    worlds are cages for ideas
  13. i like going out and stuff but i also like staying home and chillin, it just depends on the mood for the night.

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  14. I'd go insane if I didn't go out all the time, between getting projects done and making money I have no reason to sit on my ass .

    Weekend's are an exception I guess, but life is too good to not experience everyday.
  15. I like to try to leave my house at least once a day on days off, even if it is just for one doc/pt appointment. But I love to just stay home and chill all day. If I don't leave all day I'm more than fine with that too.
  16. I sleep and cycle a lot. I talk a lot when I hang out with friends, but other than that I'm pretty quiet dude. I'll go to pubs sometimes, though I'm pretty introverted and malls make me get tired pretty fast being around all those people.Omega369 :wave:
  17. The better question is do I ever feel the need to go out?
    Unless I am out of booze or food the answer is no.
  18. If im "Out" i always have a strong desire to be productive which means im rarely hanging out with friends because i just dont enjoy it, sitting there like "I could be doing this or that" my mind gets worked up alot, i havent smoked very often recently i did last night but before that just on and off, if i smoke i can chill out and kill my need to be productive but otherwise i need to be making progress.
    If im sitting at home its probably cause i just worked for 48 hours straight or something though, sitting at home is great because this place is a home for me, i feel relaxed here and it just feels right.
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    I have days where I don't do shit but I'm aT work 5-6 days a week and usually 7 days in the summers (summer time is money time) so when I do have a day off I don't wanna do shit. Mostly the only time I go out is just to have a couple brews with my boys and that's it or when I'm goin out to dinner with the family. I just don't really care about going out and raging all night anymore.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  20. I try to go out at least once a day. 5 days a week it's for work. The other two are errands and church and stuff. Human contact is important for me. 

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