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Do you feel remorse when toking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by afgooey, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Do you ever feel guilty when ur sparking up that bowl? that what your doing is illegal and that loved ones of yours would definitively not approve of your habit? or maybe that ur just smoking all ur money away and ur stash will b gone before you know it?

    me i feel guilty about the money. like i ponder why i spend most of my cash on bud and how i will have to get more in a few days no matter how much is in the stash cause im a straight stoner and toke all day

    howbout u guys?
  2. Not really...I figure the people who dont like it just dont know wtf their talking about. I used to feel bad that my parents disapproved of it not really knowing what it was they were disapproving of.

    I'll never forget what my dad said to me the first time he caught me selling.

    "What do you do get a dime and cut it up into ounces"-Dad

    Took all my inner strength not to laugh right there in his face...and get my ass kicked.
  3. cash a little, sometimes, depends on the time of the month, lol.

    I'm a guy, but once a month or so i'll start thinking about it then i'll start loving MJ again then i'll start just wanting the high.

    I'm like 2k from an Infiniti G35 coupe and i probably spend around that at least a year on MJ, If not a half a year. I could of bought one w/ all the money i've spent on pot, glass, and products of the sorts.
  4. Sometimes... Usually I think stuff along the lines of, "Why am I smoking this bowl? I am already high and I won't feel any different," but I do it anyway. I do feel guilty about the money too. Other than those two things (waste and money) no I don't feel guilty. It is no ones' business what I do with my free time.
  5. The only emotion i feel in regards to the legal status, is disgust and contempt for the lawmakers and prohibitionists that continue this bullshit war on drugs.
  6. I waste a lot of time high. That's my only regret. I don't care about the money because money is a temporary thing anyway. Sometimes you've got a lot, other times you could do with more. Everybody experiences this on every kind of economic spectrum, be they poor or rich.

    The wise man realizes that money is only as important as what you do with it. Time is the same way, though far more valuable than any sum of wealth or possessions.

    But yeah, I just spend too much time high. I know this, and some day I'll probably cut back alot. But for now, I just like to be high more often than not.
  7. It always pains me a little bit when I think back and realize how much money and time I've put into weed. It's important to remember, though, that some of the greatest memories I have are because of weed as well, so it's a fair trade off. I'm not the type of person who's stoned from sun-up to sundown, so the moments I have with weed are precious

    I always think about my Mom and my uber-Christian friends from when I lived in the Bible Belt back when I was a pre-teen and early teen. I know they would all heavily disapprove, and I'll admit I do feel guilty sometimes. However, I hide it really well and don't let it affect my normal life too much. If weed starts to become a problem in my every day life, I'll stop without thinking twice
  8. its alright man your a toker... do what you love and no one has the right to tell you differently. maybe the government says it wrong but in the end what is really wrong.. nothing.. you make this life what you want it to be.. do what makes ya happy.. thats what i follow.. i realized life is just to short to have regrets and not to really do what you love. so in the end whatever you do will be right trust me. ;)
  9. I feel no remorse whatsoever! I smoke and toke as if mary jane is legal. I believe and live my life as if marijuana is great. A lot of great points were made about the value of money, and I agree with most of those points. When a person understands what true freedom is, only then can one truly appreciate breaking the law. :D
  10. I imagine when my family finds out, which they inevitably will, I will feel somewhat guilty as I know pretty much everyone is anti-drugs although they have never tried smoking pot and don't have much knowledge about it beyond what the government says :rolleyes:
  11. Why don't you "man up" and tell them. You're 18 now (as per rules at GC), explain to them why you don't see any problem with it, and that it is your choice. Then you will never have to worry about feeling that way again, ever.
  12. I do feel bad about the money, I would probably be devastated if I knew how much money Ive spent on weed, and I only smoke about a couple times a week, and have been smoked out alot, but out of my life, it is a painful thought all that money I have spent on weed.

    However, being high is alot of fun, so why not spend money to enjoy yourself?

    About the people who would be upset if they knew I smoked, their feelings are based on ignorance, so it doesnt matter.

    Clearly I like it more than the money bothers me so I keep doing it.
  13. greenbless youre saying your loved ones feelings for not wanting you to smoke marijuana are based on ignorance? Ignorance of what?
  14. I don't feel guilty at all.

    Money and time haven't really been wasted. I've met some great people who are now my closest friends. I would pay and amount of money and give up and amount of time to have them.
  15. i do wonder why i spend so much money in weed. originally i started smoking daily so i could fall asleep at night i could make an 1/8 last two weeks. now i smoke multiple times a day and buy a half eigth every other day. it seems so pointless and counterproductive sometimes. I wonder alot where my life would be if i had never took a hit. my friends and how i got my job are all related to weed in some way. to be honest with myself i wish i had never started smoking, overall it has been a negative influence on my life no matter how i try to justify my habit
  16. Because I am not eligible for government aid when paying for uni my parents said they would help me out and I can imagine they wouldn't be happy giving me money so I can spend the rest on weed, so I think I'll just pussy out and see how the future goes.

  17. Im sorry you feel that way man..I got some afgooey right now!! or at least some afgani strain, its killer!!
  18. Nope. I actually feel better after toking.

    No Regrets.
  19. Not in the slightest. Maybe money a little bit sometimes. But if that becomes an issue i just cut back.

    Why the fuck should anyone feel remorse because its illegal? I mean i understand why, but its illegal for bullshit reasons.

    If anything, when i spark up, i think to myself "wow its so funny how this is illegal and yet so many people do it every day".

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