Do you feel like you're being watched?

Discussion in 'General' started by stonygurl, Sep 5, 2001.


Do you feel like you're being watched?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Who the hell cares?

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  1. Hey guys. You know how you can look down and see who's online? When it shows there are guests here, does it make you feel, well, kinda like you're being spied on? hee hee, C'mon Anonymous guests, JUMP ON!
  2. Maybe I should change it to something like:

    Currently Active Users: (6):3 members and 3 DEA agents.

  3. This lines on the bottom of the screen on the forumhome:

    Currently Active Users: (6):4 members and 2 guests.
    Big Poppa Puff, kees_67, Stash_Bastard, zonedude
    Record number of users at once: 18 - 09-04-2001
  4. Yes, but I am paranoid by nature. Also, bear in mind that this forum has an invisible mode, which means people can be online but you won't know they are there!

    Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn't it?

  5. what she said, EXACTLY!!!

  6. or Currently Active Users: (6):3 members and 3 George W. clones
    or Currently Active Users: (6):3 members and 3 cops that live near you
    or Currently Active Users: (6):3 members and 3 people that don't like you
    or Currently Active Users: (6):3 members and 3 online predators

  7. Maybe we should put a W in the URL to keep everyone in the White House out.
  8. I voted yes...
  9. I guess I don't mind being watched...but I'd like to know who's doing the watching...;)

  10. i think they bought more kepboards by now. knowing our government they bought gold plated board with dimond keys. no wonder we have no more money.
  11. or more money cloning the anti-christ himself GWB?
  12. Well, the way I figure it, if somebody is watching me then they already got bored and dozed off. Such is the excitement that is me. ;)

  13. yea, with all the coke hes made out of it had to be a lot of money ot make him.
  14. I voted who the hell cares before i read this trhead. Now I feel like i'm in a room full of mirrors and being stared at by god knows who.

    Thanks a lot for the warm fuzzy feeling.
  15. Hey, I voted who the hell cares too! I have a t-shirt that says "i like to watch"....heh ;)
  16. Stony is that you looking at my behind again?
    I know it has to be you!
  17. Echelon
  18. They must have a lot, but I don't know what it's worth. Two friends of mine were arrested for hacking in the early nineties in Holland. They were confronted with reports from the US about their behavior, where was discribed that after breaking in and making some very intelligent actions they started to do nonlogical things, probably to mislead persons following them. Well the truth was that they smoked a lot and after a while they were so stoned that they didn't have a good idea what they were doing.
  19. Well, I just got stoned stupid.

    I'll just vote.
  20. If they are watching us they must not be very busy. We seem like a harmless bunch.

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