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do you feel like crap?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheDalaiLlama, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I swear that since I started smoking hash everyday, I feel weird when I wake up. I definately can't concentrate as much and my body feels a bit ill all the time.

    Does anyone else feel like this? Could it be the tobacco that I smoke with my hash?
  2. I know if I get blazed right before I fall asleep I feel a little weird when I wake up, but only until I've had some coffee and taken a shower or just been up for an hour or two. Also I personally don't smoke tobacco but that shit can sure as hell make you feel sick all the time. Sorry I couldn't provide the best answer or information.
  3. do you wake and bake when you get up?
  4. The tobacco you smoke with your hash? If it's just a little bit than no. But if you've been smoking cigs on the regular for a while now, you might be achin for that morning cig. Try smoking one and see if you feel better. But you would definitely know if you were addicted to tobacco, and you aren't gonna get hooked off spliffs.

    If that doesn't work, than it's you, not the tree. I've been toking every night before sleep for over a year now. I usually feel a little out of it in the morning, but like DalaiLlama said, just being up for an hour or two takes it away.
  5. Tbh I've stopped waking up in the morning because I feel so shit, thats why I was asking, I've been missing school and stuff and just blazing up most days. Maybe I should stop smoking? I just wish I didn't feel like crap when I woke up...I've heard sleeping earlier and waking up earlier or some kind of morning routine will help get rid of these crappy feelings. Is that true?

    Holy crap I'm baked again
  6. Dude...

    you smoke to much THC maaaaannnn.
  7. Try to get to bed at a decent time and get a full 8 hours of sleep and just take a day off from weed. You should hopefully be good the next day.
  8. dont miss school, youll regret it later. i dont do it i just know you will
  9. i go through stages where i smoke everyday and then i dont smoke at all because it'll make me feel shitty in the daytime.

    I do love weed, I just wish I could enjoy the positives without the negatives (sore throat, tiredness etc)
  10. When / if you quit or take a break expect to feel no better for like 3 weeks. Than you'll feel better, or at least I did.
  11. You feel like crap because when smokeing weed or hash the "high" is from extra dopimen being released in your brain so the next day you have a shortage of dopimen and you fell like crap
  12. i feel like crap sometimes. over here we call it a burn out
  13. Tabacco might b . I have samenproblem waking up with a heavy left brain . Nothing serious as i fully awake i feel better . I wake n bake every morning and vape all day at work lol! Feel chill all the time
  14. I get like that, just try to slow it down a bit. Don't get completely baked, get a mellow high going. Hope this helped. :)

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