do you feel god has a plan for you?

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  1. i didnt always believe in god. but for the last few years i find myself looking at any event in my life that seems negative and seeing how it leads to interesting places. it feels so planned. like everything is a challenge sent by god to make me stronger. but what is the point? what plan can there if it all just ends in death? what does it matter how you live your small life?
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  3. I don't credit or blame anything or anyone for my life. I take sole responsibility.
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  4. I don't believe there is a god because if there was one why is there terrorists, why are there kids that are born terminally ill and people starving around the world.. I do believe that everyone is here for a reason though & that everything happens for a reason.
  6. the Bible is pretty clear on why evil exists. i was like most and read only whst i agreed with. if there is no God why dont we just do what we want....take what we want, beat who we want , murder etc why get married, raise our kids with values? i forced myself to read and learn dont take the word of some churches paid "spokesman". its all in the book
  7. Because you'll go to jail? Have you seen today's kids? Religion folks :laughing:
  8. thats the way it should be. we own our decisions God promises nothing while we are alive. what happens after death is based on those choices.
  9. It's like this- you inhabit a heavy body to imprint consious intent onto the matter of this earth- the crystals... the crystals of earth are the akashic records ( computer hard drive for our universe) that hold every energetic atmosphere that has ever encountered the earth plane = you and all life...
    Our souls are such that they leave no imprint on 3d reality without some type of step down buffer= the earths computer crystals that harmonize that frequency into 3d experience.. When your soul is floating free and look back millions of years to see that time on earth you had your soul and all life will know what you did while here, what you felt- how you evolved... this all started even before you decided to cellular divide by contracting with your parents to incarnate through their desire and efforts @ a soul level... your every action determines your evolution from there on... keep in mind we are observers only ( everything is already here for us) and the second your first " soul cell" divides you serve your life's purpose to incarnate into a 3d body for soul expression.. we basically need to more be like monks and observers who peacefully reside- that is all

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