Do you fear that pot is making you dumb?

Discussion in 'General' started by Marijuanicles, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I fear it, because even though I don't believe pot makes people dumb, the chance is still there and I doubt I'd notice if I were getting dumber.
  2. I do fear that potential outcome, and I consequently limit my use.
  3. Nah, I've already peaked in dumbness so marijuana has no effect.
  4. not until I start making bad decisions.
  5. No, I've been smoking for 10 years and I've retained my least when I'm sober. I tend to get a little slower when I'm under the influence, but it goes away quick.
  6. No i do not. I am a daily smoker and i have not noticed any change in my intellect. :bongin:
  7. not rilly... i blame hi level of floride in drinking water..
  8. oh, blame the fluoride. I wish I had fluoride in my drinking water. keeping your teeth from falling out can be a bitch.

  9. Same, well not the 10 years, but I'm going 3 now and yes I'm slow under the
    influence but not when I need to be on point, like say I smoked and I need
    to be somewhere unexpectedly, I sober my shit up real quick.

    I'm damn smart, or so I've been told. Ha it's funny if my friends try to have
    intellectual convos with me high and I can go on and they're just like "wahhh...
    dude I can't think that hard"
  10. I think the opposite
  11. I think the problem with pot is it makes you slack...not really dumb but before I started smoking it was easier for me follow society's version of success
  12. Same here, there's only two guys I know who keep the discussion going when everyone else is passed out on the couch.

    And no, I don't fear it at all. Some of the most intelligent people I know smoke or have smoked bud. My brother is a psychology professor, but when he was still studying he was (in his own words) baked 24/7. Same for my dad, he works in a hospital (not a doctor, don't know his official job title) and he's been smoking since he was 15. He's 58 now.
  13. i was pretty stupid when i started using. but i feel as if im on the ball. plus i have learned a lot since i started, i started working construction jobs and such a couple years after, and i picked it all up really quick, and had no problem holding on toi the mental information haha
  14. Sometimes I feel like it makes me talk slower, but who knows.
  15. doesnt make me dumb so much as it makes me not care about things being dumb included in that
    theres alot of different ways you can be smart too
  16. dude i smoked everyday @NYU still got my 4 year in 3 . don't sweat it..
  17. Hah the only thing I guess my bf notices is that for some reason
    when I'm rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeallllllly high, I get dyslexic. Hahah.
    Especially late late night. Anyone else do that?
  18. sometimes, but mostly just being forgetful. :\
  19. It doesn't make you any dumber, seriously. I can't do math sober, but when I'm smoking something sativa heavy I can do that shit faster than the smartest person in my entire school.
  20. Only time it effects me like that is when I just wake up after nice night of toking, I know exactly what I want to say but when it comes out like half the words are missing and the words that are there aren't the words I thought I was gonna say.

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