Do you fart at the urinal?

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    I was standing in a busy bathroom pissing with a urinal line up behind me. My urine jiggled those fart pockets loose, but I chose to suck it back into my gut because I get embarrassed farting at the urinal.

    I already have a hard time urinating with people next to me or waiting in line, but with a friend I practiced and overcame that fear. I still can't fart at the urinal though.

    Do you fart at the urinal?

    I guess this is a men's only thread, but girls can post too.

  2. Everything is 100x louder in bathrooms. The best place to let em rip.
  3. Personaly farts are funny. i would totaly let one rip at a urinal just so people can laugh.....I remember i was young i was at JC pennys getting my family picture with the family. I went into the bathroom and some one was taking a shit and he was just unloading them dude i was rediculous, dude i was laughing so hard but trying to be quiet. im sure he herd me haha. other people went in and just come out saying shit like "Sounds like world war II" wtf. i have never tell this day herd anyone be so explosive and for so long in my life, besides on Family Guy. rofl

    thought i would share a story. It reminded me of a funny time.
  4. fuck it i probably would have farted.....don't think i've ever done so at a urinal
  5. I am not a man, so I can see how it is awkward doing that at the urinal right by another man. For women however, we actually have stalls only, so it's a bit more private. Farting can be embarrassing and I remember one time, there was a woman blowing farts left to right and I laughed as I walked out.
  6. Solid replies

    Take into consideration the next guy has to walk into your fart mist, and that's probably what he's thinking as you are farting.

  7. hahah i remember again. In high school i think it was like Junior year, i was in my English class and this kind of special girl farted pretty loud and she perked up so fast like oh shit...and the worse part was i was sitting next to 3 of my friends, so we were laughing and being around each other made us laugh harder. and the teacher noticed but she was even trying not to laugh...Then all off a sudden my friend just bursts out laughing in tears and just leaves for the rest of the class......hahaha another unforgetfull farting moment. thoughs are the only 2 i have.
  8. All the time lol it will be totally silent with someone there and a fart will come out and i just laugh my ass off and leave quickly
  9. I'm absolutely dying at these stories.

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  10. I don't have a sense of shame, so yeah, I'll let one rip. I'm also generally talkative, which is like, the ultimate urinal sin. Haters gon' hate. :confused_2:
  11. I let that shit out and grunt to let everyone know, that felt good.
  12. Eh, if you can't fart in the bathroom, then where can you? :smoking:
  13. yea. blast off. but next time try asking the gentleman next to you if he can hold it for you to break the tension.
  14. I would but I can't stand awkwardness.  
  15. I wish I was like that. Having convos at urinals haha

    It's ok to fart inside a stall. But I can't even do that haha

  16. No. Feels like I'd shit if I cut the cheese, I'm pee shy so I normally am clenching to squeeze it out
  17. dont you guys get scared you might shit yo pants? :laughing:
  18. :eek:
  19. I am too fucked up to comprehend this thread.

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