Do you ever think how awesome life is?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by raven46, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Seriously, do you guys just ever sit back listening to music and think about how it's great to just be alive? I find myself appreciating life a lot more now and thinking how lucky I am to be healthy and have a good family.:D
  2. yes, regularly is SO fucking awesome...truly awesome
  3. It truly is.
  4. I envy you guys.

    My life is trash.
  5. aw dude, in the doldrums at the moment but find awe and jaw dropping amazement in coming up against procreating turtles during a trek for instance....or like when i have a really good fucking orgasm you know?....:smoke:
  6. While I know I'm generally lucky to have a pretty good life, I think everyone should find some happiness in being alive. Keep on working to better yourself man:wave:
  7. All day everyday evern right now. Cheers to life man :smoke::hello::smoke:

    Stay connected bro :smoke:

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  8. life is awesome. thats why i savour and enjoy it. you dont know when things come to an end:)
  9. yeah man , positivity! WOO:hello:
  10. so do i. i feel safe, not hungry and living good. i love life, even with its trials
  11. it wants to survive, because, im sure at its core it knows absolute nothingness, pre-birth, pre-expansion, nothingness, the death reaper, not really
  12. Life is great...I have a meal in my stomach...i'm breathing...i can feel the love....what more do i need?

    Much love to all of you!...not just the words but the connection it implies... :hippie:
  13. look at the ocean and tell me that's not a beautiful happy spot.
  14. Until a shark chomps your fucking legs off.
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    Even when it's good, it's not that good. Bad things can happen as long as you're alive, which means life is not that fucking good. It's good, but it's also shitty. In a way I feel like it's almost disrespectful to say life is great, when there are people suffering all over the fuckin place. Life sucks... It's sometimes good. It's good when good things happen, otherwise it's bad. If good things are not happening, bad things fill the void. If we are not fed, we are hungry. The goodness of life depends on having good things happen, like a good meal. So life is not all good. It's clearly a mix of good and bad.
  16. Yeah there are bad things in life, but it doesn't chance my opinion on it. We are all lucky to experience living, even when some might not be lucky to have as good of a life as others.
  17. What makes us lucky? I'm not saying it's bad luck that we're alive. It's not luck at all. We're alive, it's going to be lots of fun and it's also going to suck, you can count on it. It's just what it is. To say we're lucky is to say you have reason to believe that the alternative is worse, which you don't. Even if death means non-existence, even if that were true, that's reason to say death is better than life. In that case we can know there is no pain in death. There's nothing at all, not even the ability to miss the good parts of life.

    Suppose your life was complete shit, no matter what death means, it's a gift. Freedom from the shit that you endured. And even if your life was great, death is a gift, because even if your life was as great as a Human could have, death still gives the gift of never having to want or need anything again. Never needing air, or food, or wanting romantic love. Never having to fear a lack of air, or food, or romantic love. Life is limiting if there is something beyond it, and it is a nuisance if there is nothing beyond it.
  18. Im livin'.

    Despite all the shit that happens in mine and everyone elses lives, were all still livin'.

    So yeah,

    Life fuckin rocks.
  19. What are you so happy about? Just got a new toy or something? :D
  20. People think this is stupid but I see everything in life as a miracle

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