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Do you ever spit a lot when you smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by photographer, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Whenever I smoke a joint or a blunt I notice myself spitting a lot. Does anybody else do this? I guess it's not really a big deal, but I was just wondering
  2. when i smoke joints, all the time.
  3. yeah i spit a lot. i dont find swallowing resin spit good :D
    but yeah i spit quite often.
  4. yes i do
  5. I do when I smoke cigars, but not weed.
  6. word I'm glad I'm not alone. I should have put this up as a poll that would have been rad.
  7. no.....usually makes me the oposite
  8. With weed, no. But with cigerettes, yes. weed usually doesnt leave an unpleasant taste in my mouth.
  9. I end up spitting alot when smoking weed period. Doesn't have to be in a joint.
  10. dude i spit so much, if were blazzing in my backyard after our session, usually like 2-3 bowls, or a blunt and a join.....there is like a lake rite next to me, idk why i spit so much, and its been getting worse lol.....

    idk mabey it has something to do with how much water you drink, i used to drink like no water ever, and i wouldnt spit much, i started drinking more, and i spat more.....i drink like 2 bottles of water per session, and i spit hella....

    idk, thats my 2 cents lol
  11. yeah same here. right after i take my first hit, i end up spitting. its like my mouth is watering from the taste of bud haha!
  12. Man I spit more than anyone I know on blunts and joints. Not on bongs and pipes though. As soon as I start hitting it my mouth just waters and I have all this damn spit... Haha.
  13. I think part of it has to do with your saliva glands. On a regular basis you swallow to get rid of spit, but when you smoke you dont usually swallow, you inhale, so that saliva builds up and needs to be spit out.
  14. definitely... esp. with cigarettes
  15. only spit when it is blunt, j, pipe...bubblers and bongs are smooth as silk
  16. With Js and Blunts I always spit a lot, with pipes I spit occasionally, and with bongs I hardly ever spit.
  17. I spit a lot with big bong hits. I don't know why. The weirdest thing is sometimes when I am milking a large bong I will start drooling. I have to stop pulling in air and take a breath. I have no idea why that happens. It can get really annoying.
  18. hell yeah haha
  19. yeah im always like hawking up loogies and shit and my friends get grossed out its pretty funny
  20. i spit so much. can't help it. not very attractive but it just goes hand in hand with smoking.

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