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Do You Ever Smoke Because Things Are Messed Up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bamboobam, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. I have a major problem. I am a junior in college and the only part-time jobs I've worked were cleaning jobs since they paid more. I am tired of doing cleaning jobs. I recently just quit my last part-time job at night since I have 4 summer classes (fast paced) and an internship. Now here's the fucked up part... My boss knew of my issues because she just graduated herself back in 2011 and I told her I was thinking about quitting my part-time job to have more time for school work since I go to the internship too. Come to find out, she's leaving the first week on July and I planned on staying there till the end of July. Didn't tell me this until today and I was like wtf. I just feel like toking and my boyfriend's parents are leaving for a week in the next 2 weeks and I just want to get so high and smoke my troubles away.
    I was so dedicated to my internship and quit my part-time job for it and now I am stuck again. Trying to look for another job but it seems like cleaning jobs are the only route and I am sick of it. Can't find anything else and I don't want to deal with shitty customers in customer service. I just wish I could of worked more from the beginning to make more money for school.. Idk It's just a fucking mess! :/
    She did give me the option to stay and go once a week after she leaves but I'm like fuck that since she just told me this today.

  2. Drugs don't help you when you're down or low on cash. You just sink deeper. Clear your head up and make a solid plan get it all straightened out. Then smoke some good stuff when you've fixed everything.
  3. I do, but I have an easier time focusing and working things out when I'm high.
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    Everyone here smokes marihuana or takes drugs recreationally, it's called escaping your reality and drugs have a real powerful shift to ones consciousness or they wouldn't be so popular. The problem is addiction since drugs act on the feel good neurotransmitters when abused over some length of time they change how the brain works. The drugs are giving the brain huge amounts of dopimanine and in return the brain stops producing its own natural dopimanine and starts relying on the drug instead of food, talking, sex and exercise and other ways dopimanine is produced naturally. This is way the user feels withdrawl or depression and cravings to get high after the user stops their drug of choice.

    There is much debat wether or not the brain returns to normal after drug use because some of the brain heals while other parts are premaritally changed forever.

    I hope this helps.

    Been a drug addict since 18. I'm 28 now.

    I'm not as happy sober anymore, than again I tried being sober. Latest three months. Couldn't handle the depression or lack of energy and motivation any longer.
  5. It will help you for the time your high. The next day or the next week you will realize your problems are still there, and that you need to face your problems. I use to get high to push my troubles away, but that's not what weed should be used for IMO.
  6. that right there, sir is the one of the BEST reasons to smoke up dont listen to these ignorant people they smoke sure but they always ciritize how to smoke when to smoke my advice is save it till your really about to break down like just fall n cry it makes all the bill, pain of stress fly away like kat williams says if you are working a shit job and a low sallary and have no girlfriend i dont knwo why your not weeding up but if your making money and you have no problems then make your paper boo boo
  7. Fiancee used to buy my a dime bag when she was in the wrong during a fight/argument to make me smile.  Always worked!
  8. Nobody goes out and does something habitually because they're enjoying every minute of their life. Smoke when you're down, happy, horny, whatever, just don't let it become a source of negativity. Let it be your source of happiness, everybody has 2 or three things that they can't live without- religion, ideology, job, whatever- why can't weed be one of yours?
  9. As someone who is quitting for at least a month, I can tell you that not smoking is stressful and I am only on hour 44 right now. As for your predicament, I would say it is very mild in the scope of your life. I am 28, been smoking since 18, and have a very stressful career that I have to manage.

    I find that when things are at their worst I will use marijuana as an escape. But the reality is, once I sober up from it, my problems are still there. There is nothing wrong with this just so long as you don't make it a habit, and most people do in fact, make it a habit.
    You are young and your life is long, this internship situation is peanuts in the grand scheme of things. As for cleaning jobs, I cleaned airplanes after I got out of graduate school for $8/hr so I know how it feels. However, looking back on the situation it was totally stress free and I actually enjoyed the work most of the time because it was so mundane.
    Just breathe and be happy you are alive, well and capable of physically performing the essential functions of the job. Many people are sick, homeless, disabled, etc... So in the end, you really don't have it that bad. Just relax and know that this too shall pass.

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