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Do you ever see yourself...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Chronic 2001, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Not enjoying weed anymore?

    What would be the possible reasons for your lack of enjoyment?

    Could you ever see yourself coming to a point where you still loved weed, but there was something in your life that made smoking weed an impossibility?

    I could see both scenarios happening to me.

    When I have kids, I just can't see myself going out in the backyard, or garage and hitting a blunt/bong/whatever. At that point in my life I'd have a serious job, my family would be depending on me not to fuck things up, and I'd have kids to raise. Weed makes me less productive and lazy, smoking with a family depending on me would extremely hinder my family life.
  2. I could definitely see myself stop smoking regularly. I am still young and am already losing the novelty of getting high. It's been years since I had one of those highs where you just roll around on the ground laughing...

    I'm guessing in a few years I will only be an occasional smoker.
  3. Well after smoking about 6 joints filled with crazy swiss bud and even crazier swiss hash I thought that I was never ever going to smoke again....I got so sick and I puked my guts out...after that just the smell of a cigarette or joint just made me want to took me a few days to get over this pseudo phobia....

    Furthermore there is a girl in my life that I like a lot and she is extremely anti-marijane...its tuff as she looks down upon me when I smoke and she gets really upset with me...and yeah I don't know if I am going to smoke when I am married and have kids and such...maybe an occasional blaze here and there...maybe marijuana will be legal all over by then? lol whatever the future holds :)
  4. i think some people are too focused on getting high, like its going out for a night of drinking. it can be like that, but it doesnt have to be. y ou can get high and still go about doing your normal shit. if you stop focusing so much on the high, and what you can do when your high, and how much youre gonna smoke, and just get high, its a lot nicer.
  5. yeah i can definitely see myself cutting down on weed after marriage/kids, but i can never see myself actually stopping. i've always kept my love for weed by never smoking alone. getting together to toke up is what keeps me close to some of my better friends, and when i'm high, i'm almost always around good people that i like, and i can laugh and have fun with. and as my life goes on all i can imagine is new smoking buddies and staying close to the good friends i know won't be moving far away from my little home town here.
  6. If I get married I'll probably stop. But I don't see that happening anytime in the near future.
  7. why are you going to stop smoking when you get married? isnt this like stopping smoking for a girlfriend? or do you just see it as immature and after youre married your too mature to smoke? i dont get it. if you like it, why stop.
  8. yes marrage i think should not have to be a retiring of one of your favorite girls; mary jane. She is the kind of girl you can love and spread around and she never cheats on you. and you cant deny that she has always been there for you before, you just need to love and embrace mary a little more.
  9. I've been doing it for 17 years and the only thing that would make me absolutely straight-up quit would be if I got pregnant. I'm not going to force anyone to get high and if I got high while pregnant, I'd be forcing my unborn child to also get high. I just don't feel it's fair. Same for caffeine...I don't want to force that on a fetus. Caffeine is worse than MaryJane as far as I'm concerned.

    I wouldn't quit for good, though. I have a good/serious job and a good life and MaryJane hasn't hindered me one bit. (Knock on wood)...I've never been in trouble for it and it's never caused me any harm. I'm perfectly happy being a stoner.

    I agree with what Namynam said in the first post about just getting high and it not being a huge production. It's much nicer. :)
  10. By that time, I'll probably have a good steady job, and responsibilities and shit, and I don';t want to fuck that up.
  11. naw...i dont
  12. I agree with Namynam it really doesn't need to be as big a deal as people make it. There are times when getting a little high helps to relax a lot, like a joint after work.

    I can understand stopping for short periods, like for a drug test. However, I don't understand why a job or kids would stop you. Of course you need to do your work and take care of your children but it doesn't mean you have no free time. I've never found weed to interfere with responsibilties when you use it responsibly.

    To each his/her own though.
  13. It's all about how you percieve it. Treat at something you, I guess. Don't put so much thought behind it. Let life what works at the time. Maybe in a couple years things will change. But hey, no need wasting time over hypothetical thought.
  14. i'm probably going to have to quit soon since I'm considering going into the airforce, anyone know if/how often they drug test you in the military after you take your 1st UA to enlist?
  15. I solomley swear to smoke weed until THE DAY I DIE.

  16. this is what i mean... you truly feel weed could fuck up your life if you handle it responsibly?

    is it that you dont think it can be handled responsibly, or that you dont think you could handle it responsibly?

  17. My brother-in-law just joined the marines, he smoked more than anyone ive ever met in my life. Im not sure how often they do it, but they do do it. Haha....doodoo....Well anyways if the only problem your worried about is passing drug tests, thats easy.
  18. hahah yeah, besides going to boot camp the only major downfall for me would having to quit smoking all together. I wouldnt have a prob just smoking on the weekends or whatever but I dont want to quit period :p

  19. i dont want to introduce my kids to any drugs at all. fuck no
  20. I don't think I could handle it responibly. I mean, I don't handle it responsibly now. Why would I in the future?

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