Do you ever see a civil war or revolution starting in Europe?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TioW42, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Is it really bad in Canada? Well at least you guys have one thing. At least illegal immigrants can't walk on the Atlantic ocean
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    Statistics like this are common from top organisations and intelligence like PEW. They couldn't get any from Saudi Arabia because the country is full of fucking censorship and they still carry the death penalty for homosexuals oh wait dumbass liberals are gunna say "that's propaghanda" you're stupid just look what countries still carry the death penalty for that and Saudi Arabia is always on along with other musilm countries like syria and yemen.[​IMG]
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  3. Being a veteran doesn't mean everyone else owes you. Most vets, including me, had other reasons than patriotism for joining and we willingly and knowingly assumed the risks.
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  4. I know that but do you think illegal immigrants deserve more than you and get all these free welfare and you dont? I mean just to start off with they're "illegal" which literally means they didn't give a shit about the other's who are literally going through the process of getting legal permanent residence but these though come here and piss on the place despite all the things they got for doing jack shit unlike people like you who are the opposite of that which is a good thing
  5. Damn straight. I was a marine and now I'll be damned of I ask the government for a penny. If you were dumb enough to join them you can damn well deal with the consequences of your actions.
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  6. I would care more about you then illegals who cross the border to seek free asylum. Let's be honest at least you were born here and worked and plus it isn't only veterans getting this bullshit other people as well and even families don't get jack shit but illegals can breed as much kids as they want and get more money afterwards for it and the let's don't forget cologne on new years...
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  8. I believe we are close to the same page here
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  9. Yep
  10. These people?
    You speak about the current wave of immigrants into Europe as if they are some sub class of people.

    The immigrants get what they are legally entitled to. If you have a problem with what these people are receiving you should address that with the relevant government officials.
    In Ireland they get room and board in one of the holding centres and around €20 a week pocket money. Nothing else until a decision is made on their residential status.

    Oh I agree it is disgusting that on any given night 100,000 US military Vets are homeless. It is shocking. Young Americans should show their disgust for this by refusing to play any part or role in the US military until this wrong is put right.

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  11. Still miniscule. Things were riled up by a concerted effort by far right extremists to promote a feeling of invasion and siege. Support has since diminished to only the most extreme of the extremists.

    Eastern Europe and pockets of Germany and Scandinavia still have nests of anti immigrant far right extremists but they are irrelevant, toothless and to be honest embarrassing.

    The problem the anti immigration far right extremists have is that people aren't stupid. Anyone looking at this issue with a half a dozen brain cells will ask "why are these people coming here? " will quickly realize that the US, British, French, etc governments are to blame.

    They started/orchestrated the wars and civil unrest that created the conditions that caused these people to flee their countries.

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  12. Well at least you agreed on the bottom part I thought you would said some dumb liberal shit like they got money or something. Why the hell should you bring illegal immigrants in? Just to start off with some of these arent even from Syria some are from countries like Morroco and Algeria which are pretty stable unlike Syria. These are illegal immigrants they shouldn't even be allowed here I mean I hope you know what illegal means. If they go through the process of getting a permanent residence I'm all fine with that and most who do seem to respect the rules unlike some. It seems like you forgot about Germany on New years? Even though I wasn't there I have a lot of family who was there celeberating there (I'm half german) and they told me it was atrocious and the troubles weren't coming from white,asians or blacks no just middle east looking men hell there's videos on it them shooting fire works all over the place. Right now there's multiple no go zones and most are pretty controlled by these illegal immigrants in London,Paris,Brussels etc which you can't deny I mean even the cops are shitting themselves. That's the whole point of no go zones because they are so unsafe to be around. I've been to some in London and I've seen riots start for pretty much no reason but just to cause trouble or someone getting mugged. I hope I don't get a response like "that's bullshit it's all CGI".
  13. lol so 150,000 Poles protesting isn't a lot? wut
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  14. Far right extremists have always had a lot of success in Poland. One only has to look at how fast they jumped into Nazi uniforms during WW2 and made Auschwitz the infamous concentration camp it was.

    Poland thankfully does not represent what Europe is.

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  15. I hope you realise Hitler hated poles?
  16. So apparently these are very nice people. Please read the whole thing before disagreeing after reading 1 line or word - facts - european

    "France's prison population is estimated to be 70 per cent Muslim, although France is only 8% Muslim." wow just wow

    Also I'm sure the ones that bombed Paris and Brussels weren't legal either
  17. I think we need an overhaul of the whole immigrant hat and pony show to be honest.

    The issues you have raised are down to operational problems. Nobody is saying that every Tom, Dick and Harry should be let in but those in genuine need should be offered shelter and assistance.

    I know two Afghans, I meet them when I visit the local Mosque. They are both here over 10 years and have their own little businesses up and running. They pay taxes and contribute to society. They were refugees and are very thankful to their new home.

    There are no "No go areas" in London. That's bullshit. Don't believe all the fear, hate and lies spewed on far right extremist websites.

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  18. Yes. Look into Poland's ugly secrets though. You will view the Poles in a new light. They still have a hard on for far right neo Nazi carry on.

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  19. You know two Afghans? I know some people from Iraq that are take part in society and also funny thing is they came here legally and also not religious same goes for their parents. It's soo weird because one of them hate Islam soo much yet he derived from a Islamic culture. His brother is gay so if they ever caught him in those countries he would of been executed (looking at you saudi arabia).
  20. Hitler was the one that wanted to put all Poles into concentration camps. Jesus christ did you not listen in history?

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