Do you ever see a civil war or revolution starting in Europe?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TioW42, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Just wondering soon the refugee crisis is getting worst every year causing the far right to grow(by a lot actually especially in Germany) do you ever see a civil war or revolution starting?
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  2. It's already boiling.
    Let's keep watch.
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  3. I see civil war more likely happening in America. Europe has already been through its far-right phase 60 years ago.
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  4. A genuine civil war, between Europeans, over refugees? No, it'll never go that far.

    We have a serious problem with parrallel communities (which is politically-correct-speak for dangerous conservative islam socieites that view their faith as more important than the laws of the secular countries they inhabit), but even with the sickening mass of rapes done by asylum seekers that Europe has taken in at great expense, even with the extreme rise of jihadist terror attacks - there's no civil war brewing. Not at all.

    The migrant numbers are stemming, too. After Paris and especially Köln, European countries have said 'fuck no' and severely limited the amount of migrants being taken in. Even ultra-PC Sweden has shut it's gates and is now facing a serious financial, let alone social challenge*.

    This is tragic, because many of the asylum seekers are not fleeing the Syrian conflict - a large amount of them are young men from Maghreb(N. Africa)/Levant(ME) regions using the war to try to gain entryway to Europe. This means that the actual, needing war refugees - the women and children - are left in deplorable conditions, while young, strong, sexually frustrated, military-aged men make the risky journey.

    It is beyond my understanding why we haven't poured more efforts into securing safezones and building refugee sites in neighbouring Turkey and Jordan (which is doing a heroic effort) until now. Why there isn't more pressure on the extremely rich Arab oil countries such as Dubai and Qatar to take in more refugees, which there still isn't. Why Europe is being left with the mess, and all the blame.

    But nah dude chill, no war :3 The situation is cooling, too, and more awareness is being brought to the jihadist problem, even if it's happening slowly. More innocent Europeans will be raped and murdered before we solve the problem, and Schengen will continue to be strained, but the knot is being gradually undone.

    (in my opinion)

    Edit: Also, be real careful in listening to opinions from people outside Europe, as they will have a far less detailed view of the situation. They have confidence in highly uneducated opinions. I always recommend doing your own research, from varied and local sources!
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  5. Possibly.
    If we are continued to be squeezed while our leaders are caught out avoiding tax. Then yea that could quite possibly cz unrest.
    Although dont expect scenes like the arab springs. It will be pretty much a civilised uprising lol

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  6. There have been civil wars going on through out eastern Europe since the 90's. I don't think anything will happen in western Europe due to refugees though.
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  7. I think something more along the lines of radical policy change, things like leaving NATO or the EU, radical parties being voted in power, maybe a coup or assassination. They don't have weapons for a civil war. I could see a police state.
  8. Well i believe the UK will leave in june. British people have always viewed mainland Europe with suspicion, and justifiably.
    This recent migration is scaring the shit out of a lot of nations,

    So you will distance yourself from it as best you can. Were already an island leaving the EU will distance ourselfs that bit more.

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  9. It would be a hell of a lot easier if they didn't give up their guns. That was a horrible blunder.
  10. They're completely fucked.
  11. I'd vote to leave the EU if I was British. It's basically just German hegemony, anyways, there are smarter ways to secure trade

    Norway never joined EU feelsgood

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  12. You can't just waltz into a store and buy machineguns anywhere.
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  13. Absolutely fantastic day over here. Giant breakfast, expensive fancy mountain bike, majestic nature. Talked to the neighbors a bit. Their garden prep for the spring is coming in nicely. Birds are literally chirping.
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  14. A day without guns is like a day without birds, breakfast and sunshine. My guns are like my children. Hell, I have one in my waistband right now.
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  15. Well, at a gun show it's possible.

    But you gotta have cash
  16. Refugees won't cause a civil war in Europe, but European civil wars do happen. I imagine the USA is going to have a civil war faster than anywhere in Europe though..

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  17. It is not. You can not legally buy a machinegun without a class 3 federal licence which is expensive as hell and a pain in the ass to qualify for and get. No gun store or gun show will sell you one without it.
    This gun show loophole myth is just that, a myth. It's bullshit spread out by the anti gun nut jobs to scare people.
    If you have the class 3 licence then be prepared to spend at least 10-15 grand for the cheapest machinegun you can find.
    All in all you can not simply roll up in a gun store or gun show and just buy a full auto belt fed weapon and hit the streets with it.
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  18. My bet is no-guns think an AR with a drum mag is a "machine gun". Like how "assault weapon" is a scary word about aesthetic.
  19. That's it right there. People that are totally ignorant about guns and have probably never even held one just making shit up.
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