Do you ever run out?

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  1. So do you go pick up the same day you smoke the last of your stash? Or do you maybe go a couple days without. Thats what i do but only cuz i need to gather funds in the meantime.
  2. Depends on the financial situation. Generally ill eat first.
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    I buy enough for 1-1.5 years every May-June (winter here)

    So no I don't run out, I've never had less than like 1/2 oz
  4. what is this "dry" you speak of?
  5. I have an empty pill bottle that I use as a reserve. After I grind bud and fill my one hitter, the excess that I can't pinch with my fingers goes into this bottle. Right now there's about an eighth in there. I almost never have to use it.
  6. I've been out for a little over a month now... I really should just start growing instead of buying.
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  7. never?.....

    I simply don't smoke enough to run out at the rate I buy at.

    A â…› would last me a month or 2. And I usually get a Q/Oz when I'm down to a â…›. But as it seems I have invested in a business and I'm currently getting H/Oz samples bi monthly.... I simply can't burn the shit fast enough. My normal stash consisted of a H/Oz but now's probably over 3Ozs.
  8. I try not to.
  9. Being high all the time can be as boring as being sober all the time.. One of the things I hate most in life is predictability - so yes, being the extreme budgeting cheapskate that I am, I'll happily go without weed for 6+ months, as I have before. I have a real phobia of spending money - that's.. why I love window shopping. //

    Running out of alcohol, on the other hand, would be unthinkable for me. Must be my Russian genes in action. Alcohol is the one thing that allows me to be okay with the fact that life sucks. Even on a doomsday event - the first thing I'll do, first and foremost.. is loot the nearest liquor store, before everybody else does.

  10. nope I never run out. soon as I get low I buy more.
  11. I can't stay high all day everyday if I run out.//


  12. Nah I make sure to buy like a dub or two and put them in obvious hiding spots when super blazed. So when it comes around I'm out, I look in my normal spots and my normal self thanks my high self.
  13. i do this as well. i have a few "emergency stashes" of no more than a gram or two. I usually keep a couple bottles of alcohol tucked away as well.
  14. Damn i would do that but theres no point cuz ill just smoke them right after i run out.
  15. No. Thanks weed God's!!!
  16. Currently out right now, have been for 3 days or so. Gotta love getting paid bi-weekly :(, tommrow is payday though :D
  17. Yes but I usually always have resin or some burnt weed. Or someone will need a bag and they smoke me out and give me a bud usually. But now I got a job so I can't say when I'll run out now.
  18. Never, 4 years and running

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