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Do you ever question yourself?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Guest, Feb 3, 2014.

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    edit: please delete.

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  2. Yeah I do, but then I pack a bowl and forget about it
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  3. every day. every second of the day. everything I say to anyone. I'm working on it though!
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    I usually pack a bowl and sit on it for a good half hour questioning why I want to smoke and if I should, but then it finally gets sparked and there's no turning back.
  5. Almost every introvert will say yes. 'Tis our nature.
  6. hey i do that too lol. there's been several times where i find myself putting it away until later though. normally just because i don't wanna deal with my parents at that moment. hate being a broke ass college student sometimes... :bongin:
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    this thread so went the opposite direction than I had hoped it would. No one wants to read two paragraphs…. but people want to respond to a thread with no original post. (…which by the way I deleted.)
    ….I guess I'll sum it up for you: "Do you ever question why you toke up or that you toke up?"
  8. Every once in a while.. More anxiety/paranoia because it's illegal in my state.

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