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Do you ever get so high that....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by alicedee07, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. When you got a pair of good headphones, you're blazed as fuck, and you got The Doors playing (or any other music you love jamming to blazed) it feels like your ears are being caressed? Feels so freakin good right high...:smoke:
  2. ommmmggg i love music when i'm high. sometimes im in the rock mode, or... mellow things or fun things.. you can always find something good that rocks you haha :]
  3. listening to techno right now with headphones its fuckin awesome
  4. viking metal period when i'm stoned
  5. I'm down for some Tool when I smoke. I feel like I have an epiphany every time I do.
  6. hell yea... Kottonmouth kings new cd "cloud 9" is bumpin :D... comes out next week, its not their best but i recommend it.. :bongin:
  7. Oooh, I gotta hit up the new KMK.

  8. hellz yea:smoke:
  9. Not headphones guys, a sub woofer. Mogwai is nice as shit! :bongin:
  10. Same here man, I'm just sitting here taking some scotch whiskey shots, smoking on some fat j's, playin some Chemical Bros blasted right the fuck up on these bigass headphones. I love doin this shit, just jamming out with a real nice buzz happening, music sounds so crisp and clear. You're a pretty chill guy Evilpig, we got quite a bit in common and we only live a couple hours away. Smoke on brother.
  11. Junior Senior - Move Your Feet. Guranteed bliss. It just makes you want to jump up and start dancing.
  12. i used use big ass bose headphones...but i just got a new woofer and speaker set up, so im bumpin it for the world to hear

    as for caressing your ear...yeah i used to feel that...not so much anymore...
  13. Man you just made me throw my headphones on and blast all my trance...

    damn... sweet sweet trance
  14. Haha theres no better feeling than smoking a fat spliff and then having a mix with my records!:D
  15. Bumpin some MF Doom right now

    Keeping me super chill and just lifting me off and bowing me away kindly.
  16. just rock a playlist with some amazing oldies and some lil wayne :)
    nothin bettta
  17. ha. actually it is worth it man. A pair of mine broke and they were just like, yeah, send them back and we will be happy to replace them. It is a damn straight deal.

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