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Do you ever get body spasms or twitches?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by doom3crazy, May 11, 2010.

  1. Ive been smoking for almost 5 years now. And sometimes when I have smoked I will get these weird muscle spasms were my muscles feel like they are tightning up and its not a pain but just way un comfortable, almost to the point where I feel like im gonna bust out into a seizure or something. my guess is that those times it was laced with something, but who knows>?

    anyone else had something similair happen>?
  2. Yes - it can happen but it's not from it being spiked. I freaked my husband out BAD after eating way too much of a brownie from the dispensary.
  3. so its caused from being too high?:rolleyes:
  4. Ha ha - yes, pretty much. It doesn't hurt, but it feels strange and looks a little scary to others.
  5. Yeah i've seen it happen... never to me but once I was toking with a girl that was new to smoking, we took like 10 rips of some dank from my bong and she had never ripped a bong before.
    she started twitching and shit, she was soooo fuckin scared lol :laughing:
  6. And usually from an indica dominant high.
    I could get super ripped with a sativa and not feel it so much but with an indica or some good edibles noises will rumble my body.
  7. I start shaking all over when I'm really high, usually when it's indica like previous poster said. Makes my friends lol because I do it all the time. Good times.
  8. lol ay thing happen with my boy i blaze wit, when ever we do more than like 5 bowls(dank shit) he starts like shakin or twitching, im pretty sure its not a big deal cus we've been blazin for like 7 years togather an hes fine medically
  9. Yeah it happens to me sometimes, lol. When I do lots and lots of blades, then ill laugh uncontrollably sometimes, have a stupid smile across my face, then sometimes my leg will just random ally twitch, and ill just feel like im shaking .. it depends what herb and how much i've smoked / mytolerance.
  10. strange things have happened to me when smoking stress
  11. ya today in 1st period i was like shaking so fuckin weird
  12. when im really stoned i get spasms and twitches i guess from feeling so good. recently i ripped a bong hit, a big hit but the same as any other. and after i blew the smoke out i swear i had some type of seizure or something. i was on my knees flailing around for about 5 seconds. i barely remember it. it was weird.
  13. lol i shake and twitch like crazy when im high
  14. I get leg twitches nearly everytime I smoke. They are just little twitches, but a twitch is a twitch.
  15. I get the shakes every now and then, has happened maybe 5-6 times in the 4 years I've been smoking, 4 of those times being in the last year and a half.
  16. I get it about half the time, usually when I'm around other people. It almost always happens if I'm high and fooling around with my guy.
  17. Marijuana's a muscle relaxant. It has something to do with that.
  18. i always twitch when im high, i find it quite annoying.
  19. yup, twitches. got em when high. even got em on spice.

    prolly depends on the enviroment. like you nervous or someshit.
  20. Everyone twitches. Every person I've ever smoked with visibally twitched. So I dont know the scientific reasons but I find it happens the most/or is most visible in the legs. Although you gotta love the full body vibes.

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