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Do you ever get as high as you used to?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wuubwub, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Man I remember getting soo high I would be on the giggles for hours. These days I still get high but no where like the way it used to be.

    When life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold
  2. I noticed I get the giggles when I eat edibles.
  3. I get high, I am just accustomed to being that high now. But occasionally... I'll still get the giggles. Like the last funeral I went to... The preacher sang the Lord's Prayer... And I busted up. I tried to act like I was crying... But one look at me and you can tell, I wouldn't cry at a funeral. My wife was pissed.
  4. well it is a fun-eral might as well have em laughs
  5. Just when you think he can't be more of a dick... were you wearing white as well Bill?
  6. hellll nooo, my first highs were as if i took acid , they were awesome but now its ehhh but cant complain 
  7. i've been high everyday for like 4 years straight now so i'm definitely used to the feeling, so it's easier to forget how great it is. but I do occasionally get super high and feel good all over again.... just depends on the day.
  8. my first high was fucking scary. I smoked some weed I stole from my brother and when I went home everyone's face was distorted and changing. I kept asking the time every 2 minutes it wasn't that fun.
  9. Sometimes but its much harder.

    Its.impossible to get that high by smoking unless i.smoke a faaaat blunt with.meds.

    Edibles still though

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  10. i wasn't high at my grandpas funeral and me and all my first cousins were cracking jokes and laughing it up. they wanted to put us out but his sisters told everybody that thats how he would've reacted and how we all remind them of him by how we act. i've been sober since september of last year so hopefully when i spark up its like a fresh cherry being popped.

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