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Do you ever forget to breathe when stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MikeTheRipper, May 2, 2011.

  1. I do haha. I'll be sittin' there and my lungs'd be on fire and I'll remember I gotta breathe!
  2. Lol wtf. I thought this would be about inhaling all the way. I do forget to inhale all the smoke sometimes but forgetting to breathe? Lol must be good shit. :smoking:
  3. Might wanna get that checked out.
  4. Yeah ALL the time, especially when we get some Durban Poison :smoke: so potent..
  5. Haha when I got back from my t-break, i had some DANK, and since my pieces had been taken by the police, all I had was a gravity bong I made. So I go through a decent amount of bowls, go back to my room when it hits me. There I am, wondering why i feel so shitty, and I realized I was thinking so hard I had forgotten to breathe for 5 seconds.

    Was strange.
  6. Uhm if you are forgetting to breathe while high, I seriously suggest you don't ever get high again.
  7. I used to do that when I just started smoking, sometimes I would green out because I'd take really small breaths (sp)
  8. Lol I hear ya! I unknowingly don't inhale for 3-4 mins at a time then feel dizzy :smokes:

  9. I don't really think it's a big deal in my situation, it's not like I held my breath for 2 minutes. Just was concentrating so hard on music/other shit that I didnt breath out for a couple seconds lol. Was just the 1st or second time I smoked after longg break.
  10. one time i got really stoned with a few friends and walked to a 7-11 for munchies. this was one of the highest ive ever been. i bought a bag of chips and while i was eating them i convinced myself that the chips were making me unable to breathe. like i could feel myself breathing and everything but i didnt get the sensation of oxygen in my lungs. still finished the chips though cuz it was weird as fuck
  11. so i dont forget to breathe but once baked sometime if im watching someone take a hit ill catch myself holding my breath in with them like i just took the hit lol
  12. Haha yeah I always do that
  13. forgot to breathe on shrooms once...not so much with weed hahaha
  14. Never. I breathe automatically.

    You may want to see a doctor
  15. Dont waste the herb
  16. I've had that - whilst trying to sleep whilst stoned...WAS a bit wierd and I DID worry a bit but so long as I remembered "breathe" it was ok
  17. Your having a panic attack.. this happened me shed loads of times in the past but its because your not submitting to the THC. Lay back. Relax and most importantly know the green wont hurt you. If you cant let the thc take over and relax dont bother smoking. If you want to keep trying do it alone in a comfortable environment and slap on some b movie cos everything is better on weed..
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  18. All these blades stopped breathing 8 years back, so they're probably dead by now. Better use all caps...
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  19. Haha I thought it was just me. When I've gotta concentrate on anything while stoned I hold my breath . Just realised I'm doing it right now lol.
  20. Ha ha a whole generation of dead stones kaching.. its damn well just anxiety and I found this at top of google.. good to educate the new gen cos it put me off smoking for 15 years and I went to Amsterdam for my 40th and I smokes some of the best they had on sale.. absolutely brilliant cure for anxiety.. brilliant for insomnia.. I am riddled with injuries and it is amazing for pain too.. submit my brother submit to the weed.. dont fight it or ur gonna have an uneasy high.. I love the stuff again apart from that bad stoned I had in jail.. nah seriously if u anxious as a person stay away if u are not afraid to let it wash your mind clean it's an amazing cure for everything.. even cures life ..
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