Do you ever find yourself smoking when u planned not to?

Discussion in 'General' started by CopaseticDiva, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. It could just be me. I had a long break from smoking (3 years), started up again. I want to make it thru the day without thinking about weed, let alone smoking it. It's a stupid-ass battle in my head sometimes, 'smoke it! pass some time!' but i want to only smoke it at night. it sounds sooo retarded, I have shit that i need to get DONE during the day!!!
    i never used to mind being stoned all the time, but now i just want to enjoy it at nite. I am not sure why I'm even struggling with this, i feel like i have no willpower!
    I'm wondering, I never used to use it in moderation, it was pretty much a 24/7 thing so maybe that's why it's hard ... seriously i have no idea but any insight anyone can offer would be much appreciated! :)))
  2. i know exactly what u mean. ill be like, eh i wont smoke till saturday. i wont wanna smoke all day, wont give a shit about it, but as soon as like 8-9 oclock rolls around, im like damn, i need to smoke man. then as im tokin up, i remember that i wasnt gonna smoke till sat. but im like, fuck it. but then the morning after, i wake up with that feeling u get when u went to bed stoned and im like, damn, i wasnt gonna smoke last night.
  3. I know exactly what you're talking about (ninja'd :rolleyes:) I'm usually the same way when I smoke. If I wanna use moderately, I make sure I am busy the entire day. Try planning tomorrow to do all of your work, stick to it and toke it up at night.

    If I catch myself thinking about weed all day, I usually take a little break to make sure my life doesn't center on buddha.
  4. OK well at least it's not just me! I'm glad to know that. I absolutely have had to stay busy, my house is SO CLEAN and i'm running out of stuff to do LOL

    Plus i find i enjoy it more when I only do it at nite. I hate that 'ahh, fuck it' voice!!! :)
  5. Since I started using MJ for medical reasons (serious medical reasons), I find that I smoke a lot more frequently then I plan to, but get far less high when I do smoke (and not b/c of tolerance, b/c of smoking far less).

    I do a fair amount of my work from home, and I find this has REALLY boosted my productivity and work output. I can take a small puff or two and get a little buzz when i'm feeling especially stressed, and then experience none of the negative effects of the stress on my work.

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