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Do you ever find weed you stashed away later on down the road?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by QQQ, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Just moved into my new apartment and was dry cause I didn't have any connects. While I was unpacking I found some little crumbs of weed and was seriously considered smoking them. After further investigation i found a bag of reggies that i stashed away while I was living with my parents. Let me tell you I'm about to get high and one of the best feelings in the world. Finding weed when your dry is so fucking cool!!

  2. lol yeah man I agree. Its an awesome feeling getting high when you thought you wernt. unexpected highs trip me out!! woot woot
  3. this bowl goes to urn man. thats how excited i am.
  4. I lived down South and really good (WA quality) weed was hard to find. I would hide just enough for a sobe rips in a little bags throughout my room. I would do this whilst super duper stoned to try to forget where I hid them. Finding them is better than Christmas (unless you have a really cool family who gives weed for Christmas).
  5. man i love when that happens... When i got back home after a year away i knew i would be dry for a day or to but i went through all my old stash spots and containers and found like a .2 and a .3 nug. That was great!!! then i went and picked up a halfy the next day....
  6. All the time. Can't complain though when you find it. I sometimes hide shit soooo good I can't even remember where I put it. Does marijuana decrease your short term memory lol?
  7. One of the best feelings in the world
  8. nope i never forget where i stashed my stuff or lose it.
  9. yea it does haha. i always forget where i put shit
  10. Hell yes. ^ It's a HUGE feeling of relief, and gets me way excited :hello: happy toking fellow blades! :bongin:

  11. We call it Jesus Weed
  12. All the time my friend. Tho 9 outa 10 times its at the wrong time.
    Ill go a day super pissed i cant pick up. then the next day i pick up, n later find a gram i had stashed away a week before incase i ran out. hahaha

    idk bout the reggies tho but is wat it is i suppose:]
  13. not really, i dont forget where i stashed my bud, and i usually smoke it all XD
  14. My Ex and I were separating and I was at the house pickin' up my shit. I was in my garage deciding what I was gonna take with me when I discovered a Mason Jar FULL of some dank I'd stashed about a mo. before. Blazed away then left, as I walked by her she said "You're loaded aren't ya" (We'd give up tokin' thinking it might help our relationship) I said "Fuck YES, and it feels sooo good as I took off. The look on her face...........PRICELESS:D
  15. Nope, I always know where my shit is when I need it. :D
  16. At one point I had a little dime bag with a little less than a bowl's worth. I genuinely thought I lost it. A few days later, when I'm dry and can't get any more bud, I glance on the floor of my room and the little dime baggie is just chillin there. :hello:
  17. Oh yeah. I was down to scraping resin the other week. As I pull out the bowl I intended to burn the filth in, I realise it's still packed with the dank from the week previous. And this is why I smoke from all my pieces, all the time. ;)
  18. I'm always finding extra jarfulls that I forgot I stuck somewhere.
  19. Yes, Ive found random bags of weed I put places and forget about til' a few days later.
    Then I get all happy.
  20. My problem is I usually wind up with more than we can smoke, so some gets shoved away in pantries, closets, etc.

    I just got bitched at the other day by my wife because she found a jar of Northern Lights #5 in her office closet. I have no idea how it got there, I never go in there :confused_2:

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