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do you ever feel like stopping?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dangerousmind, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. sometimes i feel like smoking weed is a waste of money, but most of the time i like it. right now im kinda concidering stopping. any thoughts?
  2. dude smoke more pot and ull forget about quiting
  3. i stopped. I'm gonna try to stop from now till january. I'm not quitting entirly though. wish me luck on my journey.
  4. Good luck, Jack. The longest I've ever stopped was for about 6 months. For some strange reason, I started feeling bad about smoking weed. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, anyways I finally got over it(thank the marijuana Gods). Anyways, sometimes I do feel like stopping(not quitting), but it's only after I've gone too long being high non-stop. Sometimes, I'll be high from the time I wake up, until the time I go to sleep for like 4-5 days. By then I'm tired of being high. So I take a day off, and then I'm back on my schedule. :)
  5. just cuz i'm not smoking doesn't mean i'll stop buying. I'm gonna stock up till new years day. Then i'm back on schedule.
  6. no, i dont, but thats because i bearly smoke it, damn fuggin unreliable dealers... i hate this area, cant wait till college
  7. I will never stop smoking weed...never ever never ever!

  8. I never really thought of it as wasting money b/c it's one of my favorite pastimes! However, it does get expensive, especially since I'm young and have limited income.

    Every month or so, I like to stop for a week or two to just clear my body and mind, exercise, etc.

    The payoff is reason to temporarily quit :)
  9. I quit for a a year.5-2 years. It really cleared up my lungs and I got soooo high when I smoked again.
  10. *slap* SLap* *slap* This is what all you stopers do Right now Instructions below.

    #1. Slap Your Self.
    #2 Go Buy a bag of weed.
    #3 slap yourself again for allmost quiting.
    #4 Smell the sweetniss of the ganja Embrase what you know
    Is True you Love weed.

    #5 send me 50 bucks...

    If you dont do these 5 quick and easy steps you will be attacked by killer birds in 30 minutes.
  11. Yeah, the only way to ward off his birds is to toke! They will run from weed smoke.
  12. Ive felt like quitting before. It was when I was high one time and I was like this is getting old why do I do this. Then I started doing new things and hung out with new people and its fun again. YAY!!!
  13. Sometimes I do. So I quit. Then I feel like starting again, so I do.

  14. there is an easy solution to your problem.....

    Grow your own! nothin better then some fresh, deliscious budds that you personally helped create for almost if not freee.....
  15. I take a break sometimes. But I won't ever quit. Helps to keep the tolerance at a decent level. ;)

  16. plz do this..

    i will never quit...

  17. I'd love nothing more than to grow my own. Okay, so maybe I'd like some nice juicy pusy more then growing my own. Well, it's a toss up...

    Anyway, there's a few things stopping me. #1, I live with my parents. That's the biggest reason right there.

    Getting the whole growing thing going isn't cheap, either. I estimated a startup cost of around $376. Now, you could cut corners and not have as many gadgets as I plan to have and it'd cost less. Recuring costs, like basic electricity costs, plus seeds and lightbulbs run about $187 (per plant), according to my calculations.

    I'm not an expert on growing or yields or anything like that, but I've heard yield estimates up to 8oz per plant. Assuming 8oz per plant (and going with my figures), that makes the wholesale value of an ounce of homegrown weed $47. Once your startup costs are paid for, that drops to $23/oz. 8oz/plant is more then you should expect, you say? Give me a more reasonable estimate and I'll spit back more accurite numbers. :)

    Am I a total wiz at math? A human calculator? No, but I'm wicked mad with a spreadsheet. :)
  18. Okay, so just for fun, I wanted to put together a little yield vs. price per oz chart. Lets see if I can make this look right.

    Price incl. startup = the (wholesale) price per ounce including my calculated startup costs

    Price after = the (wholesale) price per ounce without including the startup costs (or the price after you've broken even on your startup costs)

    |Oz/plant|Price incl. startup|Price after|
  19. I don't think I understood a thing that you are trying to get accross with that spread sheet. I get what you are trying to say, but that spread sheet just made me look confused. I can't think right now. I'm off to smoke another bowl.
  20. I've considered quitting in the past on a couple occasions, both of which I solved by loading another bowl, forgetting what I was just thinking, and enjoying the now. Or.. Then? Whatever.


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