do you ever feel like a dumbass...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Turelim, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. ...when you realize what youve been phylosiphizing about?

    normally i talk about cosmology and the like but the other day i was comparing God to tacobell. that tacobell is us trying to mimic him/her because we are all Gods tacos. that God has a servent who feeds him tacos and when a peice falls on the world a person is born and conversly, someone dies when he cleans it up. and theres a second servent, who makes ambrosia for him, and when that falls onto our world we see angels. it went further in depth but i dont feel like typing anymore.

  2. Don't feel like a dumbass, that is actually correct.
  3. lol... dude i do the same things, but most of my ramblings are about interaction and images. nice 2 kno im not the only one.
  4. ohhhhh h- h- h- hell yes! When I get into really deep rants and so on when im stoned on something or another, I usually only make sense to myself. I go into so much detail and creativity and brilliance that i never thought my brain was capable of, then i look around at the "man he's trippin" faces and i realize what i just got done talking about... or I forget what i was talking about and i feel even dumber.
    ive found that when you go into a deep rant on something, you know it made SOME sense if everyone has completely blank looks on their faces. cause if their faces are blank, then generally its because they're thinking about what you said. at least when everyones drinking after poppin aderol and smokin bowls/blunts.
    nodding is a good sign too.

    i usually go into lots and LOTS of metaphors and similies that only I understand what i mean by them. then almost always, when people dont get what im saying, ill go back and tell them what the metaphors represent and so on and then they all go "ohhhhhhh, yeah!".

    Am I the only person that sometimes feels like a "stoner einstein" as i call it?
  5. I usually don't discover how far out my stoned philosophical ramblings are until the next day. Then I hope everyone was just as stoned as, I do.

  6. God is the only being in the universe able to experience and comprehend true infinity. As absurd as the taco theory is, in the infinitude of the universe there is a subjective reality where that really happens.
  7. i feel like a dumbass right now. i don't even know what i'm going to say but i know it'll looked fuckeds up and yoh all won't know what i'm saying cause the eyewalls are hasing me and the red dog beer bulldog's back and i swear i've only been smoking weed, ONLY WEED cause i got a sexy bong... fuck! damn stoners.
  8. all the time. I tend to go on rants and deep thoughts sober and not. My girlfriend gets a real kick out of it sometime but she never makes me feel bad about them. I think that to think deeply puts us outside the norm which makes us second guess our normalcy which is the one thing we should never worry about. Just be u and do what u do. If you feel like a dumbass you're going to not get the most fulfillment out of what u are doing.


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