do you ever feel frustrated? warning: rant

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  1. do you ever feel like your life is stagnant? That nothing is happening and nothings is going to happen? That you're just lost in the world? that's how I'm feeling now. I'm 23 and moved back in with my parents in october of '08 and I feel like I haven't done shit with my life since! I worked at macy's for a christmas, then I did some extremely degrading and horrible temporary data entry. I took a total of 4 classes last year from a local tech school. I'm 20 credits shy of a bachelors at a University in another town. I have to appeal with the administration there to be considered for financial aide because the last two semesters I went there I did horrible and even with financial aide I still wouldn't have enough to prevent me from working (which is why my grades were so low) not to mention, the town where my school is at is one of the most economically depressed towns in the state so there isn't much in the way of jobs anyways. This summer, I gave up a bomb job as a historical tour guide in a rural area in favor for working at a local golf course. The golf course lied to me about hours when they hired me. I was told I'd be getting 30 hours a week and so far I haven't topped 15. I haven't been able to forge a meaningful relationship of any kind with any one other than my family since I moved back. I hung out with my best friend from high school up until February of this year and then she went nutters and said some things that can not be taken back even if she wanted to. pretty much everyone else I've met in this town my age have kids which really put a damper on communication and activities or have little to no intelligence so talking with them is like putting bamboo shoots under my fingernails. I feel like I can't leave because of my family. They love having me around so much and my sister's health is so bad and my brother is going to be out of prison soon and my grandma is 87 years old and just had a hip replacement. But other than my family there isn't anything here for me! but I don't have the money or the balls to move away. even in the past when I have moved away, things haven't gone well. I'm just frustrated! I feel like there should be more to my life than $150 paycheck and an associates of arts degree from a tech school! I look at the jobs offered here and nothing really appeals to me. Since moving here I've put out over a 100 job applications and no one wants me. I don't see an AA making me much more wanted. and even if I do go back to the U and get my bachelors, what am I going to do with a bachelors in history? I know a lot of people have it a lot worse than I do, but I'm just discontent. I feel like I'm going no where with my life fast.
  2. make changes then! its up to you to fix your life if you aren't happy with it. sit down and think long and hard about whats important to you and where you want to be in your life and make every effort possible towards making it happen. all of this is temporary if you make it temporary but only you can. good luck man, i know that feeling all to well thats why i left the country haha
  3. I get frustrated when I'm bored or not really doing anything, I hate feeling unproductive. I just finished up my freshmen year, and I work ~30 hours a week, and regularly work out or do physical activities. But it drives me crazy to feel unproductive. I currently have an apartment with 2 of my best friends, 1 that I've known my whole life, And we hardly do anything together other than get drunk/high. It's frustrating to try and do something with one of them because 1 is usually high, and doesnt do shit at all, just sits there and is barely concious, and the other one is always on his computer playing video games. The reason it frustrates me is because I wasted a huge amount of life smoking and not doing anything, and also spending hours on end playing video games. I feel like its always going to be like that with them, and theres not much potential to have fun like we used to. Like at 11 PM my friend will be stoned, and almost passed out, and the other one is on his computer, I feel like getting a 2nd part time job, because I feel so useless/unproductive. I guess that relates in a way with you and your family, but I've known one of these persons for 19 years and the other one a good 6.

    But yeah it is pretty frustrating knowing that I'll be working 30 hours a week, and going to school for the next 5-6 years, and assuming that not much will change except maybe some new friends or a job
  4. get a fine piece of ass, prob solved.
  5. ^^^^ that does help for sometime, I've been talking to a milf I met at wal-mart
  6. that's pretty much how i've felt for the last 6 years. I just feel like I'm stuck in a limbo. like I haven't done anything really since high school except work retail and go to school. and the future in this town is either government desk work or health care and I'm not interested in either, but then again, I don't have the slightest clue what I want to do with my future.
  7. I am so over being some dude's sex toy. I haven't met a guy that has given a shit since i was 16.

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