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Do You Drive High?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Northern_Stoner, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Just wondering, how many of you on this forum drive high?
  2. Nope never. dont have a car. I'm to old school of a hippie :smoke:. Plus a good walk is good for you and high walks rule hard.
  3. All the fuckin time. Sometimes I smoke minutes before driving. Sometimes seconds. Sometimes while. Sometimes I make a plan to blaze up then go for a drive, but I have a 380hp car.. :cool:
  4. Nopers. Took the class. But I got no car.
  5. Hell yeah driving high is the best, bad drivers shouldn't drive high though
  6. yeah i drive if i want sumthing to eat or to go sumwere but i dont like to do it alot. if you drive high, make sure its in a van:p i drive perfect high tho:p
  7. When I first started getting really into smoking weed, I used to go on a drive every night and smoke a bowl before I'd go home. There's nothing like driving around out in the country where there's no traffic and no stop lights with a bowl in your hand and some good tunes playing. :smoke:

    Helped me get down the art of knee-driving, that's for damn sure.
  8. I always drive stoned or smoke while or before I drive.

    Definitly drive much better while stoned.

    3 accidents sober. 0 stoned.
  9. well basically everytime i drive home from a friends house at night im high
    so yea lol
  10. Even when I don't smoke. ;)
  11. why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?

  12. chea! knee driving is a must. i use it mostly on the freeway when im puffing on my piece.
  13. my mom wants me to drive her somewhere just now and im stoned out of my mind LOL
  14. driving under the influence of anything is illegal. even simple as benadryll

    I know it sound stupid, just while its illegal your playing the chance game.

    even seeing that people like to drive high just isnt making pot look good at all.

    Am I all alone on this or what?
  15. Agreed, although there are some videos I have come across that somewhat show how weed doesn't make people drive any worse. The thing is, the people who drove in the tests where middle aged, and have probably been driving over 15 years. It just depends on whether the driver is good or bad in general.
  16. I personally will admit that driving high has negatively effected my driving skills multiple times. I drive high all the time, but, driving high impares my ability to drive my best. I just drove on the highway from my home to my school high but it created no problems at all.
    The problem arises when I am driving unfamiliar territory, or even more so if someone is directing me.

    I will admit it even if some stoners won't.
  17. I do damn near everything during my day baked outta my mind. Driving high is just normal like norman.
  18. This is funny, another stab at the fact that marijuana can't impare ones driving skills.

    My good friend, he drives ten times better high than sober.

    It's not for everyone though, if you suck at driving it wouldn't be the best thing to try.
  19. Yeah it can make you better, or a lot worse. If you're a bad driver then I wouldn't drive high lol.
  20. yea tru tru, i drive high literally every single day and it just comes down to focusing, as long as u keep ur eye on the road (for the most part) u should be fine :) however, know ur limits and boundaries, dont take a turn doin 80 or somethin stupid like that haha

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