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Do you do it for the high, or...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Do you do it because you love the culture? Because you simply love the act of breaking up a dank nug, packing it into a nice glass piece and carefully roasting it into sweet vapor?
  2. I do it because it just feels right:smoke:
  3. Its the experience man, I dig it :p
  4. For the feeling i have right now. I'm barely high, yet everything seems so perfect.
  5. For everything... I do love cannabis culture, its very unique stuff, and I love the effects as well, and the way you make such easy friends with it.... everything.
  6. I do it for all those reason...prolly in the order you had it, the high, then the culture, followed by all the good little things

  7. That's how I feel. I love it all.
  8. yeah i've made some great fuckin friends thorugh cannabis.
  9. If it comes from the ground then its meant for me (/cough)
  10. the main reason i do it is because it makes me happy and calms me down,
    i am a very stressed individual and if it wasnt for sweet maryjane and music the past year i think i wouldve gone crazy.

    the culture is some good shit to
  11. I do it because I love it, everything about it--the culture, the smell, the feel, the high, the satisfaction, the overall experience--I just love it :)
  12. Pretty much what everyone else has said. It's hard not to love it
  13. Dude there is so much good that has come to the world from weed. There is just a whole different life, a whole different feeling that some people just plain have not and will not ever know. not to say that there are no bad things that have come from herb, but those things are mostly overshadowed by the glory that is cannabis :smoke:
  14. I do it for the experience. The high, the culture, everything. Pot is a goooooood thing.
  15. I love the way it smells. I love the way the trichromes glisten in the light. I love the way it tastes. I love the way it can calm me during a stressful time. I love the culture. I love the horticulture.
  16. i do it because for me it makes the world better. there's nothing more fun than just smoking and chillin'. it also makes everything more interesting, and i find that i actually work better with it.

    pot makes the world a better place
  17. I love breaking the nugs up, rolling them in a joint, tulip, blunt or packing it in a bong or pipe. I love feeling the nugs between my fingers and just handling the weed. I also feel right just when smoking it. It's a very euphoric feeling i get.
  18. ^couldnt have said it better

    part of that euphoric feeling imo is the onset of munchies taking control of your body. Boy i love munchies
  19. I like the act of smoking, the high is just an added bonus. I love the taste, the feeling on the back of my throat, and the smell. I also like all of the ritual that goes with it, passing to the left and what-not, and how this brings people together, almost more than anything else could.
  20. i do it because i like the experiences of psychedelic drugs and i also love to break up some dank bud into some beautiful glass.
    ahhh i love that feeling
    imma go do that right now

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