Do You Do Cardio While Bulking?

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  1. I have many friends who don't even like to walk places because they are frightened it will screw up their bulk. Ridiculous, I know.
    Here's an article with the pros/cons of cardio along side bulking:
    Do you do it? If yes, how intense?

  2. i do to a minor degree
    there's no factual basis whatsoever behind losing muscle from doing cardio. it can make you look smaller, however, because youre shedding a lot of fat around the muscle that gives you a big appearance. the good side is that it makes your muscles cut and defined
  3. If I have the time sure, cardio is healthy. If not and strapped for time no then. 
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    I hate looking up workout "facts" because everyone and they momma has different answers to the same questions. It really all depends on what you wanna do, if you want to look huge then yeah from what I have read and heard maybe cardio shouldnt be your primary exercise. But if overall you just want strength, just work out everything, like look at Burce Lee, he wasn't HUGE but man his feats of strength are fucking ridiculous.
    I think a lot of those work out things are kinda bullshit. Look up Hannibal For King, matter fact here ill link it guy is massive and all he really does is those workouts at local parks
  5. I do cardio 6 times a week even while on bulks and it has never been detrimental to me. If it ever were to become a problem I would simply add more calories to my diet.
  6. I try not to, but I can't say no to basketball. Really messes me up cause I can lose 3-5lbs in the 2 hrs I'm there.
  7. That'll be from water weight though, I'm always bouncin up and down around 5-10 lbs in weight
  8. Not a bad idea, especially when your diet starts getting sloppy.
    It'll also help your lung capacity/breathing and cut down rest times between sets.
  9. Yes. I do 20 mins of HIIT 3 days a week. Increases my metabolism so I can really down those calories after my lifts and keeps my cardiovascular health in check. It will only screw up your bulk if you don't count in cardio with your caloric surplus. Bodybuilders turn into huge pussies if you even mention the word cardio. Adding cardio into your routine will also make it a lot easier to cut when that time comes.
  10. I do cardio during bulking. I've never seen any problem while doing this workout during bulking. Addition of more calories to diet is good idea for me.
  11. It's a really controversial topic because the two don't exactly go hand-in-hand. When bulking, you're looking to have a net gain in calories but cardio counteracts that. If you do do cardio while bulking, be sure to make up for those lost calories.
  12. It goes like this... burn more energy...consume more energy... 
    My training doesn't change according to whether I'm bulking or cutting, my diet does. 
  13. The guy on this podcast explains it pretty well,
    It's not just about the calories burned through cardio, you can obviously just eat more food to make up for that, it's about how endurance cardio can de-train some fast-twitch muscle fibers. If you're cutting, it's fine since you're not trying to grow anyway, but it can ruin some of your potential gains on a bulk. Strength cardio (like kettle bells, GPP work, etc) seems to be fine though.
    Personally, I just do kettlebell workouts for cardio. Just do endurance cardio anyway if you enjoy it, it doesn't really matter unless you're trying to gain as much size as possible without roids for some reason.
  14. I see cardio as 100% nessesary.

    and from the looks of many athletes you can be bulky cardio.

    If you want to look like the hulk which is unattractive and unnatural that's your descission

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  15. You only do cardio if its part of your goals. If your only goal is to bulk, then it will hurt you to do cardio. But if you wanna bulk and get cardio up, you can do it but bulking is slower.
  16. Cardio is completely nessesary for good health.

    Lifters that don't do cardio will end up with weak circulation and a weak heart. They will have overall worse health.

    You don't need a lot. But some is nessesary

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  17. Yeah that isn't true. Weight lifting especially when doing compound movements strengthens your heart and cardiovascular system a lot. I haven't done cardio in 3 years, and I have a 6 minute mile /I can run a 5k in about 20 min. Not bragging, but that's certainly not bad at all for someone who does zero cardio work.
  18. Hmmmm

    The know!

    Thanks guy

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