Do you crave anything after sex?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. I looked for the SEX forum but couldn't find it. I know I have seen many posts about sex but I see that we don't have a juicy sex forum. Did I just type "juicy sex" forum? Hmm...

    Anyway, do you crave anything after sex? I want to smoke a bowl for sure but I absolutely have to have some kind of chocolate. I don't always have a glass of chocolate milk handy or a bag of M & M's but it doesn't change the fact that I want it. (I probably will never eat chocolate ICE CREAM again or any ice cream for that matter, thanks to -well, you know who.)

    I know many people want to smoke a cigarette but I don't smoke so chocolate is my fix.

    Anyway, I'm high and curious about your after-sex life!!!! Not too curious, though.
  2. YES...more sex...i like the period just set it off even more digit....CUNNILINGUS...i dunno..mentioned it in aanother post..figurd id drag it over here too..hey..she said juicy sex...just not afterwards...ill save the cunnilingus for beforehand
  3. why? i think that could go afterwards just as well... if not better. just cos the guys is finnished no need for the woman to stop too!
  4. umm...that would kinda be like sucking yourself off there digit...all the "fluids"...only thing i would do, is get it up again and keep goin....WHAT IS THIS THREAD DEGENERATING INTO...i would rather perform cunnilingus than recieve .....penilingus?...felation?...peckersuckage?...whats the right term?!?!?? inferior
  5. yeah but i will always be a saftey first kinda guy.

    and anyways... are you telling me that if u had the ability to do that to yourself u wouldn't????? comeon! thats like saying u don't masterbate!
  6. oh not gonna lie..i would do it...but seriously couldnt see my self sitting down on a park bench and face fucking mself...i wouldnt happen all the time...once a month maybe?
  7. if i could do that and it was as easy as masterbating... heck i'd be doing that several times a day!
  8. spit or swallow?
  9. i dunno i've never tasted it so don't know what i'd do even if i'd continue to even let it get in my mouth. i hear it tastes salty. and i know it can smell a bit fishy lol and since i like salty fish i think i would swallow... it's all hypothetical though anyway.

    see what u made me type by asking that question!!?!?!?!? lol
  10. what about u?

    this is weird. a couple of straight guys asking each other if they would spit or swallow their own hypothetically!
  11. hey rmjl! i hear u can get chololate flavoured condoms! :D
  12. Hey guys that is just nasty. Stright guys??? Hmmm... You'll have to prove that to me!

    RMJL I agree that chocolate is a good after sex treat. Some times i like watermellon. Don't ask why I just do.

    It still doesn't make up for the after sex cigarette though!!!
  13. id probably pull i wouldnt have to for the watermelon and chocolate...i probably wouldnt wait til AFTER..instead i vote for DURING :D
  14. the only time i smoke cigs anymore is in public and after sex. When I'm in pubic i get really stressed and i can't light a joint so... and after sex i gotta smoke something, i don't care if its crack i'm smoking something.

    And if i could suck myself off i don't think i could bust in my mouth.... but i can't do it so it doesn't really matter does it
  15. when im in pubic that usually means sex or something related
  16. a good bowl of kb
    more sex
    repeat as many times as desired

  17. Oh c'mon! If you've ever kissed someone after they did that for you , then you've tasted it. But I will be nice and leave you alone about it. -yeah right-

    Watermelon, Bud Head? I bet theres some kind of psychological reason for the watermelon craving. Watermelons probably exhibit some kind of sexual undertones that could easily have been explained in detail by Freud or maybe now by Dr. Ruth. Or any of our house doctors here at the city! Who wants to explain why Bud Head craves watermelon after sex?

    Chocolate flavored condoms...that could keep a person really busy!! I agree with namron's vote for DURING!
  18. :D

    i either want more sex or a shower. lol that steamy hot shower, the bubbles - it just feels sooooo good. like coming home after a long hot day at work. just relaxes you and i don't know to explain it. try it.

    plus you get cleaned up at the same time. if you're lucky, your partner isn't smoking and wants to get clean too. :D ;)
  19. Well...first off, after sex I guess I enjoy taking a nap....or ICE CREAM!....too bad rmjl, you're missing out on some good shtufff....

    As for the sucking myself off part...sure, if I could I would.....the only reason a dog licks its ass is because it can..i think the same would go for me...swallowing?...maybe once...or twice...just to "experiment"...

    ...and finally....Im just guessing here, but bud head enjoys watermelon due to a deep psychelogical connection of it with sex...this all started when BH was a young teen and decided to have sex with a watermelon...
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