Do you crack your back?

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  1. I used to crack my back all the time but now I can barely get it to crack. Every now and then I'll have someone walk on my back but that's rare. I know a lot of people say it's terrible to crack your back/joints but it feels so good.

  2. "Cracking" your back is not so bad at all if you are a young and healthy individual. The concern tends to be that there are some risks associated, such as fracture, sprain, strain, etc. These risks are very low when an adjustment ("cracking") is performed by a skilled professional (eg: doctor of chiropractic), but when performed by yourself, or by another unskilled person, the risks increase. Even when performed by the unskilled, the risks tend to be relatively non-severe for young and healthy individuals.
    It should be noted that recent research has suggested that the "cracking" sound that comes from an adjustment of a joint has no therpeutic benefit in itself. It seems that it is rather the high velocity and low amplitude stretch of proprioceptive muculature that surrounds the joint that induced the therapeutic effect. Thus, simply "cracking" your own back by twisting yourself, etc. will not result in the same benefits of a proper adjustment by a skilled professional."

  3. would if i could
  4. My husband cracks my back every other day. What works for my back is having someone push down on my back as I exhale. Make sure they don't press down anywhere on your spine. Inhale and as you exhale, have them apply pressure with their palms. Works like a charm :)

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