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Do you consider yourself addicted to weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tyrone_C, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. I'm talking mentally addicted of coarse.

    I just watched that new pro-weed animation and it really pissed me off. I mean, I only watched 4 of the toons, but from what I saw it was just as ignorant as the anti-drug stuff! The one with the dog was kinda cute, but other than that it was really just ignorant.

    People need to realize that stoners aren't idiots, and people need to realize that anti-stoners aren't idiots. Like comeon, we're all reasonably intelligent people, but our clarity is clouded by ignorance.

    Like the one's with the two guys in the restoraunt. They portraid the anti-drug guy just as bad as the anti-drug guys portray druggies. Sure we disagree on this topic, but is there anything wrong with that? Not everyone thats anti-drug is going to tell us we can't blaze, and it's only when thats the case that it's a problem. I'm sure we all have friends who aren't so pleased with our stonerism, I know I definately do, but does that make them idiots who throw soup in our faces. Comon now, like really...

    Anyhow, at the start of that one animation, it says it's very difficult to find people who admit to being addicted to weed. What?? Is everyone just in denial or something?

    So on this board, who thinks their addicted to weed? I've seen a good number of memebers (mind you I'm not saying EVERYONE), who seem to have a pretty good weed addiction going on by the looks of some of the posts I'm reading.

    Personally I can say without a doubt I'm addicted. I always try to take a few weeks off as a tolerance break, usually the longest I can go is two days, then I get blazed for free and next thing I know I'm out buying again. Thats addiction, and there's no other way to put it.

    So who else thinks their addicted and why? And if you don't then defend yourself!
  2. I'm not addicted, sure I like to smoke quite a bit, but if i don't have the money for a bag, I can go without if need be.
  3. The pro weed animations were making fun of the anti weed commercials, so it makes perfect sense that its stupid, thats the point.

    EDIT: To answer the question I am somewhat addicted I could stop if I needed to, but I don't really want to.
  4. no i'm not. but i do LOOOOOOOOVE it! :smoke:
  5. Yeah they were supposed to be stupid in a funny way. which they suceeded at. But I mean like, they're giving people a bad name who they shouldn't.
  6. Their also just cartoons, i doubt people take them to seriously.
  7. i agree, its use humor not stupidity. alot of people realize that the "pro-" or "anti-" are smart.
  8. i dont really care about anti stoner people, i think they tend to be pretty immature. now by that i DO NOT mean just people who dont smoke, i mean people who hate weed.

    and no i do not consider myself addicted, i took a tolerance break about a month back and it went over absolutely fine.
  9. umm I'd have to say yes, I'm addicted to weed, " Ilove weed", thats what one of my friends would say after getting completly blazed out of our minds. And the things I'm addicted to I usually like. And I like weed, so im fucking stoned out of my mind and im not sure if any of that made sense:poke: lmao that things sick
  10. you think to much. and dude ^^ are you going to jail or what.
  11. mentally in a way yes but i could quit if wanted 2
  12. i wouldnt say im addicted to it but if i can get any ill take it.

    if im out of bud i can always wait till i make more money to get some, like i dont need to steal or cheat my way into getting bud.
    Most of the time ill get smoked out when im empty, then ill smoke THEM out when they're empty...... wait a sec(re-reads last sentence) i AM addicted to weed:p

    sooo ya, i am addicted to weed, but not to the point where ill suck penis for weed. (lol from half baked)
  13. :smoking: yeapp im addicted...everymorning, every afternoon, and every night... i just dont see a reason to slow down or anything because my weed usually pays for itself and i stay out of trouble. i could def. stop if i had to, though it would be really weird for a week or so...but i could
  14. Not addicted. I frequently go a few days without toking, as I am now. I could see myself becoming dependant on it if I toked all the time, but as of now that's not the case.

    As for protraying anti-drug people as evil: THEY ARE EVIL.

    They want to lock up innocent people while letting dangerious drunks roam free. They lie on every media outlet, they lie to politicians, who turn around and lie to us. They brainwash children into turning in their weed-smoking parents. They send police into schools to terrify 5th graders with lies about drugs. And most importantly, they have no respect for personal freedom and most border on fascism. Fuck, I've lost more than one friend because they believe the mother fucking bullshit that the cocks at the anti-drug organizations tell them. The head of DARE wants to execute drug users, and there are many countries where drug trafficking will get you executed (there have even been proposals to do that in the US). The anti-drug people continue to support a system where drugs are controlled by violent criminals. I couldn't even begin to count the deaths caused by the people in the black market alone, let alone users who get tainted products.

    So I think they are completely evil people, and I shed no tears over their protrayal as the immoral people they are.

    (Of course, I'm not talking about your average Joe who just doesn't really care about drugs--I'm talking the people campaigning for the anti-drug people)
  15. Ummm... yeah, I'm addicted. I can break my addiction, and I'm in the process of doing so right now. I'd say 90% of the people on this forum are mentally addicted to some degree but just don't want to admit it.
  16. No not at all. I could stop at any time and have. When I stopped talking to my best friend I didn't smoke for like 3 weeks.
  17. They're definately not evil. Come on. Sure they're misinformed, but they're anti-drug for a reason. A lot of those people may have been deeply effected by a loved one getting to far into a drugs hold, and therefore champains to stop people from using drugs.

    Is that person evil? Hell no. Sure they're solution to a very clear problem is a bit outragous, but that doesn't make them evil.
  18. Im not addicted i just love it

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