Do you consider marijuana a DRUG?

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  1. So this argument was started in another thread and i really just wanna know your opinion about marijuana being called a "drug"

    Now my stance on this is that marijuana is not a drug, A drug is something that is chemically altered to alter normal bodily functions.

    Marijuana is not chemically altered in its plant form it is all natural plant.

    Lets hear whatcha gotta say on the subject :)
  2. no its a harmless plant
  3. obviously marijuana is a drug anyone who thinks otherwise needs to lay off the drugs (marijuana)
  4. Be more detailed, So your putting marijuana in the same subject as crack/heroine, cocaine, acid, and XTC now these are drugs in the truest form and i believe marijuana has no place in that ballpark.
  5. Marijuana is without a doubt a drug. It is in no way close to heroine, meth, coke and all that shit but by definition, it's a drug.
  6. yes, because it is a drug.
  7. Anything that can put your body into a different state of mind is considered a drug. So yeah, marijuana IS a drug.

  8. and i'm also putting it in the same league as caffeine and asprin, nicotine and meth, kava kava and peyote. they're all drugs, just some are more harmful then others
  9. it seems like marijuana shouldnt be a drug...I mean just because it produces a different state a mind so does alot of things, Chocolate maybe?
  10. anything that stimulates,or for that have some sort of effect on your body is a drug. so yes marijuana is a drug by defination, but traditionally, NO
  11. Yeah. But I consider alcohol, tobacco, coffee, pills, and all that other good stuff drugs too.
  12. yes, its a fucking drug. I love it, its pretty safe, but it still is a drug.
  13. Uhh,Marijuana is too a drug.No if's and's or but's.Sorry but saying Marijuana isnt a drug is being indenial.

    You know what the deffinition of a drug is right?Well it just so happen's Marijuana fall's into it.
  14. Yeah dude, its a drug.

    It still changes the way you think, even if its only for a little bit.

  15. Chocolate is a Mild stimulant and often makes people feel better.. ;)

    Yes its a drug, but so are over the counter medicines.... Its just not as bad of a drug for your body like Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin and other shit like that. :smoking:
  16. good discussion! im not in denial i just dont like the word drug, Or drug addict when all i smoke is bud...Fuck stereotypes is what i guess im getting at.
  17. Of course marijuana is a drug and anyone who thinks it isnt is just as ignorant and bias as the people on "Above The Influence". A drug doesnt have to be bad for you though so I dont see why it matters if its a drug or not.
    Bottomline, Marijuana is a drug, but it is a drug that isnt bad for your health.:smoking:
  18. Even if you did other drug's you wouldnt be a drug addict and if you think if other's do drug's beside's marijuana are drug addict's that is retarded.

    Look up addiction and you will know what I mean.If you dont already.
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    Strictly marijuana for me, My mom and dad have been through meth addiction so its just kinda hard for me to accept that marijuana can be called the same thing as meth. but i hear all of you guys, im not trying to raise hell or anything just seeing whatever everyone else thinks, thats all.

    Addiction is being dependent on a substance. and more detail but i believe thats the one liner for it.

    Also no i dont think doing another drug makes you an addict what makes me think your addicted is when your putting yourself before your family, Stealing from family and friends,not being able to physically go a day without the DOF (drug of choice).

    Now i dont know about you but if your stealing from family and friends and not able to go a day without weed without being in physical pain, then your most likely smoking alot more then just weed.
  20. It's a soft drug that has negetive effects when used continiously in large amounts.

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