Do you compost your bud rot?

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  1. I plucked off some bud that's rotting a bit on the autoflower and just tossed it back into the pot should I remove it back out? Was thinking would it be ok to compost in a bin if it's no good in the pot? Just got me a tumbler:love-m3j:
  2. You will want to get that as far away from the pot as possible. Bud rot is a type of fungus. It releases spores which can and will spread to other areas of your plant.
  3. Always remove any dead or rotting material from the pot. Keep only the healthy living parts
  4. compost it.
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  5. On my way back to the pots it is, no compost rolling yet they sent me the wrong screws I'll just toss it in the creek
  6. i second scooby's suggestion of composting it.
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  7. that strain of fungus is everywhere ergo no harm in composting it. Feed the beneficials and they will take over
  8. So did neem oil make my bud rot? This guy says trying to wash it off will make bud rot and it's been raining a lot recently (and humid) I dont know how to keep the buds dry and from molding when they're outside. If neem oil makes the buds taste like shit I dont want to keep doing it on those ones. It's just specifically my autos they're getting ate tf up, bud rot and look like airy shit (some them) but some smell soo good I dont wanna lose these fuckers to mother nature now. I plan on taking more preventative actions when I start up these other autoflowers by feeding them neem oil and foliar spraying and maybe some of that karanja oil? I have diatomaceous earth in the soil but still find small slugs and snails here and there does it not affect them when its wet? I'm going out to throw down more bait.
  9. Remove ANY dead or rotting material? You dont grow organically do you?
  10. Bud Rot is a fungus and even touching it sends of millions of spores to land some place else

    I use neem oil if I must but is a lot easier to control watering and humidity

  11. I'm outdoors with these guys and its humid af, I'm going to spray their weekly dose of neem and starting today adding protekt once it cools down later

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