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Do you clean your pipes?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jizzledfreq, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I've been seeing a few people cleaning their pipes after each and every single use? Not trying to judge, just wondering why?

    I personally let my pipes get coated in a thick resin, never cleaning it unless it's totally clogged with resin, If I'm dry I smoke said resin. I don't feel like having a dirty pipe changes the flavor of my marijuana, it all tastes good!
  2. I clean my pipes whenever they're clogged.
  3. The only piece that I clean after every use is my RooR. If I wasn't lazy, I'd do it for all of them. I feel like it definitely gives you the full flavor of the green that you're smoking. But if I cleaned everything after every use, that'd be a lot of rubbing alcohol!
  4. I wish i had a big container just for my bongs filled with simple green that i could just submerge them in after every use and then clean them before i used them but i rarely use bongs anymore.
  5. I would put fresh water in my bubbler after every sesh cuz my seshs last all day ya digg aha , but my homies friend broke it :(
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    I clean mine once a week. Every Monday is "cleaning day" and I pretty much stay at home all day and clean everything I own. I literally clean everything, my cars, my room, my pipes, my bong. Everything. I'm kinda OCD that way. It has to be a Monday, too. If I'm busy, and I don't end up doing it, then I have to wait until the next Monday to do it again. :confused_2:
    Edit: A lot of my friend's end up coming over on Monday's and I clean theirs, too. Already have the simple green busted out, so I just clean 'em while I'm at it.

  7. Just an FYI, most labels/graphics won't withstand soaking full pipes in any sort of cleaning solution. I don't recommend doing this- Unless your pipes don't have any labels/anything like that....
  8. Usually keep it clean but have gotten lazy...but anyone that's hit it will tell you it gets you high like a mofucka!

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  9. I clean my shit when im bored or its clogged :p so yeah every once in a while
  10. I wait till my pieces and bong bowls/stem are full of resin then I clean them all at once in rubbing alcohol , and pour the ra onto a plate and let it evaporate over night. Then scrape it off:) I realized that it is the exact same thing as the resin if get if I scraped the pipe, but I get all the resin from the parts I can't scrape and it makes it alloy more pliable. Other wise it's a sticky mess and gets my fingers all smelly and gross.
  11. I clean my bong about once every two weeks (I clean the water every two days), but I won't clean my pipe until its clogged.
  12. I don't like clean bowls cause you suck in so much crap because it doesnt get stuck in the resin..I clean mine probably once a year but I use 2 or 3 different ones and only smoke dank out of them

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