Do you chew on weed stems?

Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. I don't know about you guys but I enjoy chewing on weed stems from bags of dank it taste sooo good
  2. Yep, I know it doesn't get you any higher, but is somewhat of a ritual of "no wasting any of the bud" in my group.
  3. I like the taste it leaves in your mouth :D
  4. what about on occasion? I do it every once in a while
  5. I chew on stems if I'm rollin a jay or a blunt to go on a cruise, but if I'm just smokin a bowl or two I'll toss em.
  6. If its big enough I'll throw it in and chew it like a straw.
  7. yup. good alternative to gum. and if ya chew a bunch of em and then blow out thru your nose it makes your sinuses smell like dank:smoke:
  8. I used to chew on them at jobs that I couldn't toke for made the day more relaxing in a way.
    I usually end up eating the stems I like the taste.
  9. I like to think of them as tooth brushes for the road! Best toothpicks on earth.
  10. Fuck, what a waste of stems.
    I keep all my stems.

    Stem tea anyone?
  11. Always chew stems. I usually chew other peoples that they were planning on tossing. shit tastes good.

  12. That's what I do, Stem tea is awesome. I do chew on the occasional stem, though.
  13. Same here. I love the taste, plus it sets me up for the bowl I'm always about to smoke. :smoke:
  14. I chew the seeds and my stems are saved for stem tea =D Me and WTS can agree on something! =D

    Don't care what anyone says, seeds taste good. Like weed, really. Especially with a little bar of Hershey's chocolate.. To me, the tastes compliment very well.
  15. I've had people look at me shocked when i eat stems/seeds. I'm like - "what?"

    But i prefer seeds. Plus, they're good for you!
  16. Personally I think it's really stupid, but hey to each his own.
  17. I save my stems and shake them for keif. I can usually get a good bong rip off keif off a gram of stems.
  18. o rly? Sources, mayhaps? I'm interested now.
  19. I do it occasionally, like if I'm rollin a dutch on the go, I'll just pop that stem into my mouth if it's big enough. I love the taste

    lately I've been collecting my stems though. I have a shit load so far and I'm gonna kief those fuckers when I get some more.

    that's how you can get "high" from stems. That kief that comes off a bunch of headie buds is fire.
  20. When I was new to smoking the people i smoked with always told me to eat the stems but never really did themselves. Ever since then i have always looked at it in a bad way.

    Also "alicedee07" you should get a new avatar. :)

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