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Do you change races when you are high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iDrankWhat, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Hey Blades,

    I am a white bread, gay male. I dont speak with a lisp, but goddammit I can't get much further into the 'White as snow' category if I tried. Except when I am high,

    I suddenly turn black. No joke, I am not trying to be racist in the least. I literally start speaking like I have spoke ebonics my whole life, including the accent.

    Does anyone else suddenly start speaking differently when baked? Or is it just me?
  2. No I don't.
  3. Wow, lol. That whole post made me laugh my ass off.

    But, no. I am half Japanese and half Irish...I just look more Japanese when I smoke than when I don't.
  4. same thing happens to me but i have a jamaican accent when im high
  5. I know I turn into a Chinese person. At least my eyes do.
  6. Jekyll and Hyde. The early years.
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    Sometimes I talk in a inner-city North Carolina accent but I'm sure it's just cause one of my friends lives there and I always call him stoned so sometimes I'll talk like him when I'm baked, even though I have a stoned surfer accent normally. Though I've had that accent since I was 12 before I even started blazin strangely.
  8. Haha, you're just high.. well I wouldn't lie, a couple blunts makes you feel like a thug huh?
  9. I know alot of white people who speak way more "black" when they are high.

    One of them even called it Business Mode lol
  10. I transform into whiteskinblueyes
  11. I think because smoking lowers your inhibitions, when you're high you act more the way you want to be. The fun side of you comes out. Also there is a thing called imprinting, where if the first time you got high you were around black people, that could have imprinted on your brain and you could act that way now when high. All just thoughts....
  12. Not really, but I shorten my sentences cause often I don't feel like talking a lot. Instead of "This isn't really the time for that because...", it becomes "fuck that shit"

    When I'm high it's the opposite. I'm much more occupied with how my actions will affect people.
  13. LOL, when I get high with friends, sometimes I talk with a lisp and say really gay shit and everybody pisses their pants laughing.

    Black accents can be just as entertaining :)
  14. it's strange, when i toke up, i can speak fluent german...
  15. I turn albino.
  16. My friends and I used to put on fake southern accents when we would smoke out. We don't really do it much anymore, but when I'm super high I start to do that accent without even thinking about it.

    What someone above me said about imprinting sounds pretty spot on, and it's the first time I've heard about it.
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    get me drunk and i'll go crazyyy black haha
  18. One of my friends talks in a heavy british accent when he's high and a fake southern accent when he's drunk. lol its fucking hilarious
  19. lol yeh im a ****** when im high too. i just talk like a gangsta idk why it just happens, i guess since i feel like a thug when im baked.

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