do you care what others think about you?

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  1. i find a lot of people say they don't care what other people think of them. my friend can be so adament that he doesn't care but when it comes to a situation where we're around people there is a change in his attitude. he becomes all tense and nervous. like his shoulders are touching his ears he's so pent up.
    i wonder whether people who say they don't care what others think have actually just learnt how to force themselves into an attitude when they feel under others scrutiny. so basically they do care they've just changed their attitude towards it.

    does anyone here genuinely hand on heart not care what others think? or do you just say that?
  2. I slick my hair back when I don't feel like giving a fuck, so no.
  3. Aside from a select few(very few) I truly and wholeheartedly do not give any fucks what people think of me.
  4. I like to say I don't and I pretty much do my own thing:

    -listen to music I like
    -do activities I like
    -watch movies I like
    -act how I want, say what I want
    -I basically do what I want

    but sometimes I feel like people get offended at this attitude or think you are a little "off"

    I would say I genuinely, hand on heart, say that I don't care.
    But to a certain point in which I can still operate within society.

    I don't know if that is cheating.

    I would say the only people who GENUINELY do not give a flying f*ck would be
    and Hitler
  5. For the most part no.

    I used to, until I pretty much became a hippy.. I don't cut my hair or shave too much anymore. Fuck it.

    But all people still care what people think somewhat.. regardless of what they say.

    Otherwise there wouldn't be doors on shitters and we would all walk around naked
  6. Dont care, but I would like to know? If that makes sense :smoke:
  7. I'm a very anxious person, constantly worrying and panicking about everything and anything. It's just the way I am.
    What people think about me causes me to get very anxious.
  8. I haven't for several years now.

    Im weird as fuck.
  9. Omg I do i hate it I'm honestly living my life for everyone else =\
  10. Nope lol, I don't give a fuck.

    I'm me, if that's too hard for you to grasp, I don't see how its my issue
  11. Everybody does. It's in our DNA, people need to reproduce.

    Embarrassment is an emotion; a chemical in your brain. Emotions give us direction. One can avoid it at times, but you can not remove it from your brain.

    So genetically speaking most people do care about what others think of them, seeing how our species utilizes that emotion in order to alert ourselves to something which we do not want others knowing/seeing etc.

    Humans think, and they pass a lot of judgement when it comes to reproducing. It's vital that we care what others think of us.
  12. Not since highschool. I loved when kids tried to belittle me or just press my buttons. I would call them out on it infront of all there friend's with a grin on my face. Most of my friends wen't to the alternative school, so I had at best 4 decent kids that atteneded it with me. but I tried hard enough to stay in regular high school,. but had to deal with those cocky pussy's that occupy them (you know who I'm talking about, those "kids".) But I managed, I was big so people weren't going to test me to much. I guess I was de-senistised as a child from my coke head mother and alcoholoic father. I got into alotta fights as well.

    But hey I aien't dead, so everyday above ground, I take that as a victory.
  13. Not really, most people talk just for the sake of talking.
  14. I have a few close friends (as well as family members) that I genuinely care about but they accept me for who I am and what I believe in. To the individuals who I do not see eye to eye with, in the heir of respect, I grant them etiquette.
  15. nope i don't give a fuck.
  16. most people in this world genuinely suck but there are a lot of awesome people 2
  17. Yes. And I think a lot of people who say no are lying. It seems like a lot of people so adamantly "don't care" that they start caring whether people think they care or not.

    I think it's natural and even beneficial to be aware and care at least a little bit what other people think of you, as long as it doesn't turn into extreme self-consciousness or anxiety.
  18. I care what people whom I love and respect think of me.

    Other than that, I couldn't give two shits less.
  19. I do my best not to care what other people think, but i do take into account what they think occasionally then just let it drift by. It is more difficult for me not to care but i think i am getting better.
  20. The people that say they don't give a shit the most are the ones that care the most

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