Do you care about the news/politics?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deutschbag, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I was just kind of curious to see how much people cared about politics and the news.

    I think it's important for a country's citizens to be knowledgeable about what is going on because whether we like it or not politics effects us in a huge way.

    "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." --Thomas Jefferson
  2. Yes, against my better judgment.
  3. yeah i like to know whats going on out there-but it seems like the news is meant to scare people cause it always bad news and hardly ever any good news
  4. yeah, when i want to have a good laugh
  5. Yes i do, sometimes i wonder why though.
  6. I used to, but this forum has done wonders for that
  7. yeah but I mean the news is so fucked I dont ever get a straight fact off it
  8. I hate reading/listening to American news. Full of bullshit!

    I try listen/read other source.

    usually everyday but sometimes every other day.
  9. I usually check the news every day online at work.
    I never watch the news. Too many talking head and bs.
    Not that online isn't full of the same bs. but at least I can read it myself.
  10. I go through phases where I will watch a lot of news/politics, then phases when I don't want to even flip through those channels.

    All the Obama/Economy stuff being talked about constantly, has turned me off for a while.
  11. I don't give a Fark about the news.
  12. When you say "the news" I infer that you mean the Hollywood liberal lame-stream media. :rolleyes:

    You have to discriminate when someone presents you with "news" because much of it is pure propaganda designed to influence you in one way or another.

    Half the people in today's world are living in one reality while the other half are living in quite another.
  14. i question myself why i watch what usually is biased bullshit but then again, if some breakin news is happenin, im just like, naturally going to watch it. i wouldnt say i really care about the news, but like some1 else said, i just want to stay informed n shit about recent events
  15. Only news I ever watch is the daily show/colbert report lol
  16. I am very up to date with the news.

    Most of my web book marks are news sites and editorials!

    I normally keep CNN on in the background. If I focus on it, it tends to depress me. I really wish the news writers weren't so damn pessimistic. I can't even remember the last good thing I saw on the news. :(
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    I used to, until I realized the whole thing is a false argument.

    Complexity is the name of the game. Social issues result directly from people being led to believe that said issues are to big for individuals to solve; this presumed ignorance is what the political establishment feeds off of.

    That, and my involvement has only succeeded in making me hateful, angry, and miserable, nearly to the brink of suicide at one point because it all seems so hopeless. I can even see it in my own posts here. Everything I write up in the political forum makes me sound like some socially repellent troll. So even if politics were, by some incredible stretch of the imagination, legitimate, I'd have to steer clear entirely for the sake of my own happiness and health.

    It's all a waste of time, though, a carrot on a stick. The best thing we can do for ourselves and others is to embrace happiness through self-interest.

    That being said, I still keep myself aware of what's going on there, and continue to refine my philosophy. I'm holding off on sharing ideas with others until I've learned to actually make positive strides, if that's even possible.

    But in general, fuck politics. Worrying about voting, politics, and the news would be like training yourself to death for a boxing match with Satan himself. That's going to end up accomplishing nothing, precisely because the game is designed for you to lose.

    And since the question posed by the OP is usually put forth in such a way as to implicitly condemn people who don't play this game, I'll correctly redefine the terms for you: I refuse to participate in violence.

    [ame=""]YouTube - True News 5: The Truth About Voting[/ame]
  18. no i learned along time ago it is all BS

    the enquirer is probably more reliable source of news than the major news networks unfortunately
  19. When I was a bit younger I didn't really care, thought it didn't affect me, thought politics were quite boring.. now, it's pretty important to me to be aware of what's going on in the world- although I like to get news from more independent sources that tend to be less biased. I agree with a lot of other people that have said it makes them somewhat depressed/cynical.. I hear ya on that.. but it's better than being willfully ignorant.
  20. The biggest problem with the news and why I believe it can make you stupid. Is because people form their opinions on it off of things they don't know about. How many people really know how the bailout works and if thats the best choice? Not too many and this is why we got so many dumbfounded people in society. They assume what is being done is right, just because it sounds positive. Do research on things, is all I'm saying. Also American news differs from UK's/Australia's so lets hope ours is the more honest one which I highly doubt.

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