Do you care about how wealthy your (potential?) partner is?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Jane_Bellamont, Feb 24, 2016.

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    Simple question, I guess.

    Does your partner need to earn a certain amount a year for you to be able to say Yes?


    Do you want someone who you can just take you on a wild ride.. ... forget about work, forget about money... sell your belongings, jump on a dirty old bus.. and travel the country, drinking cheap beer on the way?


    Man, I would definitely choose the latter. I honestly don't care about how rich my partner was.. as long as she takes care of herself, of course. (Alternatively, I could always find a girl who is the equivalent of a Sugar daddy.. so she can wear the pants in the relationship...)

    Sadly, so many people these days are obsessed with money and status, it's not even funny.
  2. i never placed a limit on how much a girl needed to make. i found that superficial. i been with bitches that came from wealthy families and those families are fucked up. i been with girls who were dirt poor and their company was much more pleasureable.
    i see alot of people saying so and so needs to have this or that or meet this expectation and i see alot of people that are not happy in their situation
    setting limits is only cheating you out of what is in the pond
  3. Men don't care about that shit.
  4. Ya. I own a lot of shit, so living with a chick without money for 6 months would be bad. She could leave my ass and demand money she did not earn.
  5. Honestly I have enough money to support somebody, but I wouldn't do it for just anybody. If I were in love I would give her the world, I wouldn't care how much money she earns. That being said if she doesn't have a job and isn't bothering to look for one I wouldn't keep her around for long.
  6. I see relationships and marriages as partnerships. I make good money, but that really isn't the point.

    I don't think I'd want my gf/wife to not have a job or be productive in some way.

    There isn't a certain amount she needs to make, but I wouldn't be okay with her just sitting around the house. Not at this point in my life. Maybe a few years down the line, it'll change.. but for now, homegirl better have a job, and a car.

    I think that's pretty fair.
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    Now that I think about it, the dating game really is like running a business, or applying for jobs. It's not this mystical fairy tale that we used to think it was back when we were kids and mummy read us bedtime books..... far from it. There are no white nights or princesses who will show up out of the blue and save us from despair.

    The people we are attracted to expect us to be winners, but we ourselves also expect to date winners, as well. I wouldn't date a girl beyond a certain weight, for example.. though I wouldn't date an anorexic one, either.

    I really don't think I'm good enough for anyone right now, for what is worth. I think I better wait till I make it to Hollywood before I can even think of dating anyone. In the meantime, random one night stands at the bar will do. Hopefully, the loneliness and emptiness will motivate me to get to where I want.
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  9. I've dated rich people in the past, its kind of awesome.

    Hard to turn away from.. Money is a big plus for me, personally.

    I don't know, i could settle for somebody with a job, but.. Some chick who doesn't even work and doesn't want to have a kid, i don't got time for that bullshit.
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  10. Exactly as long as she's making some money. My gf is going to school for something that doesn't make alot of money but she loves it. As long as she's happy I'm happy lol

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  11. money isnt everything, i bet if i tried hard enough and put my full life towards money i could be as rich as i wanted (obviously to a certain extent) but i dont really care about money that much, as long as you life a happy life their is no need for extra money. just enjoy life instead of worrying about money all the time.
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    I don't think money is what matters.
    All that matters to me is if you treat me well and love me for who I am.
    Money and materialistic things don't make a person.
    And if people love women/men only because they have money, then they love your money not you & they're shallow.
    As long as you have a job, a car, you're a good person, and you can pay your bills even if it's a studio apartment, that's all that matters, IMO.

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  13. No Slackers - and which doesn't necessarily translate about money in general.

    No slackers.

  14. I was always turned off by the extra attention I got from chicks from time to time because of my job. I wasn't rich by any means or anything, but I did alright, and enough chicks flocked to that part that I started to notice. It was a major turn off and a bummer in general regarding my overall views of romance. Gold diggers are for real and they range across all levels of society. [​IMG]

    Since all that I've started paying extra attention to any signs of Goldiggeritis. Luckily most gold diggers' "game" is pathetically childish most of the time. The draw of the pussy makes entirely too many men fork out time and money.

    So I wouldn't allow money to make or break the relationship, but it certainly helps if the other side is gainfully employed as well. Obvious gold digging is instant shut down.

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  15. It's not all too important, though I've been fortunate In having wealthy ex girlfriends. I certainly won't splurge out for a girl just cuz I think she's got thst sweet fine good good wetsicle. As long as she's intelligent enough, holds similar morals/standards/values, that's what counts.

    I see myself living in an off the grid home made up of reused materials, so she better be game for that.
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  16. Well, not really. I never actually dated someone who is very wealthy or someone who is broke, so I guess money doesn't really play a role in my decision to date somebody.
  17. Money isn't everything but it does matter.

    A guy who has that attitude like "woohoo let's sell everything we own and go move to the jungle" is usually an irresponsible guy, with a lack of education. In GENERAL.

    Wealth is not important. Responsibility, intelligence, maturity, and ambition are important. And these attributes are more often prevalent in guys who make money. Not a boat load of money, but guys who make a living.

    My boyfriend is my life partner. We are going to live our lives together, the rest of our lives! So yes, a guy who makes good money, is responsible, knows how to save/when to spend, has financial goals, has a desire to seek more and more education...these are all key things for the long term.

    No, he doesn't need to make 6 figures. He needs to be financially conscious (but dear god NOT CHEAP), ambitious and wants to be successful, always on the hunt to learn more and be more, etc.

    I personally don't think I could date a guy without a college education. Again, that's my personal preference. I'm into smart guys who invest in their future, but a the same time they have the ability to think freely and aren't some cookie cutter person that a university regurgitates.
  18. education doesnt always tell how intelligent a person is. you could find someone who is smart but lives in a place with no real way to be educated, maybe not smart as some of us would say but still smart in their own way.
  19. I think education can definitely tell you something about intelligence. First off, if you go to college and earn a degree in a relevant field, you will make more and be more financially secure. A guy who doesn't understand that education is necessary not only to increase job prospects, but to serve as a foundation for life, is not a guy for me. I don't care if you major in philosophy and graduate and start a company as a carpenter or whatever. You don't need to work in a fancy office building and major in finance. No matter what, it serves as a foundation for critical thinking, being able to read and write well, communication skills, and gives you exposure to subjects you otherwise may not have been exposed to.

    I think what is important is spending 4 years just dedicated to learning, and if it is towards a career that would pay off well then that is great!

    Like I said this is just my preference.
  20. I've been making quite a bit of money from my business in the past couple of weeks, I'd say. Been also combining those earnings with casual work. Decent casual work, not flipping burgers this time.. lol

    Seriously though, I didn't mention any of that on my dating profile. I kept my profile ridiculously simple.. 3 pictures, less half a paragraph about myself.. and a link to my YouTube channel.

    Surprisingly, I had 2 lesbians sending me hugs and kisses.. and adding me to their favourites. I can't chat to them because they ask you to upgrade to Gold membership and all that. The only trouble is that pretty much all lesbians live further up north in the more populated cities, so at the moment there wouldn't be any point in arranging a date, cause I need to move first. haha. This is a serious dating site btw, funded by our local newspaper.

    Moving cities sounds like a plan to me, though. I'd be able to make a lot more customers for my business, as well as find a greater variety of part time/casual work. It's not all about the dating. Plus, we live in an earth-quake ridden ghost town.. full of fun-hating, gloomy people. It sucks.

    I predict I will need $10,000 to make a smooth and trouble-free relocation.

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