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Do you care about freeloaders?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FlushingStoner, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Almost everytime I go out and smoke with my buds, normally 2 or 3 of us throw down 20-30 bucks each and we cop a Q. But then somehow there always ends up being 3-4 other people who somehow just take it upon themselves to get in on this. Basically their smoking for free. Now i'm all for sharing the love, but when it happens on a daily basis it gets me pretty pissed
    Anyone else have a similar experience? 

  2. Yes but i don't have friends because i don't want to share my stash with people that don't want to put in money or a stash of there own...
    My friends are worst it seems like i Provide my stash in the sesh and they want to smoke it all and then after it's all gone then they need to go do something else..At least you have people that put in some to the session..
  3. Every once in awhile its okay but if its consistent then lay down the law, if you wanna smoke you gotta pay its that simple.
  4. I haven't really had this problem.  It's just an understanding that you gotta put towards the session in some way.  Those that don't will be shunned.
  5. People only smoke your weed because you let them. Next time tell them you're out. And when they say, you're smoking it right there, tell them they misunderstood. You ran out of free weed. The only weed you have left costs $$ and invite them to contribute.
  6. I've got no problem smoking people up especially friends however if it's an everyday thing and I'm not even chill with these other people then thats not cool yo.
  7. My friends jus come an chill n think they can smoke for free,that's when u gotta lay down the law lol pitch or nothing Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Next time you whip out your buds just dont pass that shit be like oh my bad you want some :? Then rub yo fingaz together be like put in on it then, shit aint free your my bro but shits tough these days! Cant share with the whole world even though you'd be nice enough too.

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  9. #9 sektr, Feb 4, 2014
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    I don't have a problem of it IF they're invited last minute/after we get the bud, or if they happened to already be with the friends I'm going to sesh with.
    That being said, if they know in advance that we're all chilling and want to get in on it, they better be pitching 10  or bringing match.
    I'll smoke up my close friends (and vice versa) and my friends who don't smoke regularly (and therefore don't need much) without hesitation. I do have a couple friends who are complete leeches if you let them be though so I always lay down the law with them. Bring your own or you're watching.
  10. #10 Drugs Bunny, Feb 5, 2014
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    Joey Bunny doesn't share weed!!!
  11. #11 kush70, Feb 7, 2014
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    I don't hangout with people who are freeloaders...
    if my buddy doesn't have weed i get him high and next time he catches me a buzz...
    and vice-versa ....theres no begging and hanging around freeloadin bullshit..
    its that simple...
    im not one for stupid little games...
  12. Seems like you got yourself a case of the scavenger smoker

  13. You better be entertaining or cool as shit if im gonna smoke you out consistently
    Yeah, I used to sell weed and even before then it happened all the time. I realized I was going through my weed super quick but I wasnt actually getting very high very often, so i started weeding those people out of my life by no longer smoking them out unless they matched. 

    Eventually, you find out who your true friends are. 
  15. I have shared lots of times, but there are also times when i tell them "Nope, sorry" because it gets annoying always having people begging for a hit.
  16. you don't drop, then you don't smoke. If you have a close set of friends, they should know that. I used to always smoke people out but got over it because they all get too comfortable eventually. It's not that hard to say no
  17. Tell them they're welcome to by their own.

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