Do you buy off people younger then you?

Discussion in 'General' started by XxMFDoomxX, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Just wondering what people think about dealers who are younger then them. Personally i will never buy from someone younger then me because usually they dont know there shit Would you?
  2. I dont give a fuck how old they are if they have good weed and reasonable pries. I buy off of my friend ive known since highschool and hes a year older than me.
  3. As long as I don't get ripped, I couldn't really care how old they are.
  4. I wouldn't mind one bit. In fact, it would probably get me better prices, some people find me intimidating.
  5. If he was 14 I would just beat his ass and rob him. But im usually straight with anybody out of their teen years.
  6. Anytime i have ever bought anything of anyone younger then me i go to meet up with them and they say they have dank or something stupid and it turns out to be shitty mids or something just so many bad exp. for me i was wondering if it ever bothered anyone else

  7. hahahaha wut

    if they got the weed i got the money man, i'm not interested in them at all, stricly business
  8. Robbing people is not cool man.:(

    Edit:I probably wouldnt care as much but i know how it feels to be robbed my house has been ransacked twice this year.

  9. dub post but that fuckin happened to me today, except i didn't buy the bud i went and got off another dude..this guy was all like yo i got headies 20 a gram so he takes out the bag, pulls out some tiny ass buds without a scale and is like "is that straight?" fuck no, i politely told him i was taking my business elsewhere:smoke:
  10. Damn sorry to hear man. I was really joking more than anything. Let me retract that statement and say I would just beat his ass after buying the weed from him, god I hate little kids.
  11. I never have
  12. my dealer is our other guitar player in our band. he has pretty decent shit. he's 1 year younger than me and surprisingly dependable
  13. LOL, quit trolling dude. :wave:
  14. Hes probably mad because hes a little kid.
  15. pssh, I mean if you can get a good deal who cares? some of the best weed I've ever got was from a girl still in high school lol
  16. All the time. Mainly due to the fact that everyone is younger than me:D
  17. dude op you seem like you must be kinda young....

    im only 19 but there are younger people around me that i would buy stuff from. a good person is a good person regardless of age. and the same could be said for a good connect...
  18. just had to deal with some young -shall we say delinquent- and its annoying.

    they get sketched out by the simplest things.

    but yea, an hour wasted on completely nothing.
  19. Man just go to the shops get your med card and buy it from the stores.

    Buying from somebody younger then you is like you helping them buy a one way ticket to prison or juvenile hall.
  20. I buy off my younger cousin. He's only like a year younger than me though.

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